Will for Future Predictions- Things in Common


By: Richard Flynn
Level: Intermediate
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Future Forms
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Lesson Plan Content:

Will for Future Predictions- Things in Common

Make predictions about yourself that you think might also be true for your partner. You get
one point each time that they say “
Me too”/ “So will I”/ “Me neither”/ “Neither will I” etc (you
can also use negative sentences). If your partner would use a different prediction phrase,
e.g. “
could” rather than “will probably”, it doesn’t count as one point. To make sure you are
using the right kind of future forms, don’t talk about your arrangements, your plans, etc,
only things that you imagine about your future life.

Useful language for making predictions
I will (definitely/ almost certainly/ probably/ probably not/ almost certainly not/ definitely not)

I might/ may (well)…
I could (possibly)…

Possible things to make predictions about
Appearance (hair, weight, etc)
Arts and media
Changes – Things staying the same
Family/ Relationships
Free time/ Hobbies
Health and fitness
Money/ Finances/ Investments
Tests/ Qualifications
Travel/ Holidays
Where you live
Work/ Career

Possible times to make predictions about
In the near future
In the distant future
In the next… months/ years/ decades.
One day/ Some day

Useful language for talking about things in common
Me too./ So will I.
Me neither./ Neither will I.
(I’m not sure but) I think I will/ I guess I might/ I suppose I could.
Really? I (probably) will/ might/ could/ (probably) won’t (…)

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