Words with Silent Letters- Same or Different


Homophones of and minimal pairs of words with silent letters review.

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Lesson Plan Content:

Words with silent letters the same or different

with homophones and minimal pairs practice

Listen to your teacher or a classmate reading out two or more words and raise the card saying “The same” or the card saying “Different” depending on the pronunciation. If there are more than two, they are all the same or all different.  

Label the lines below with “S” for the same pronunciation or “D” for different pronunciation. Your teacher will tell you which section or sections you should look at.

Check as a class, then try to find patterns in which letters are silent.

Test each other on the words:

  • Play the same holding up cards game in groups, making sure that you pronounce the words identically if they should be the same.
  • Spell a word with a silent letter and see if your partner can identify the silent letter and pronounce the word
  • Say a word which has a silent letter and see if your partner can identify the silent letter
  • Say and spell a word which has a homophone below and see if your partner can spell the homophone

Level 1

  1. build/ billed
  2. business/ busyness
  3. climb/ clime
  4. could/ cold
  5. hour/ our
  6. island/ Iceland/ I’ll land
  7. knew/ new
  8. know/ no
  9. knows/ nose
  10. scissor/ skis are
  11. should/ sold
  12. what/ hat
  13. when/ hen
  14. where/ wear
  15. which/ witch
  16. who/ woo
  17. why/ Y
  18. would/ wood
  19. wrap/ rap
  20. wrapped/ rapped/ rapt
  21. write/ rite/ right
  22. wrong/ long


Level 2

  1. aisle/ isle/ I’ll
  2. comb/ cone
  3. honest/ on its
  4. knee/ key
  5. knit/ nit
  6. lamb/ lame
  7. muscle/ mussel
  8. thumb/ sum
  9. whale/ hail
  10. wrote/ rote


Level 3

  1. debt/ debit
  2. fasten/ fast and
  3. gourmet/ Gromit
  4. honour/ on our
  5. knight/ night
  6. knot/ not
  7. knowledge/ no ledge
  8. receipt/ recede
  9. rhyme/ rim
  10. sachet/ satchel
  11. scene/ seen
  12. sword/ sawed/ soared
  13. tomb/ doom
  14. wheel/ we’ll
  15. wheel/ heel
  16. whether/ weather
  17. whole/ hole
  18. wrist/ whist/ list


Level 4

  1. beret/ belly
  2. bidet/ V Day
  3. crumbs/ crams
  4. campaign/ champagne
  5. chalet/ sally
  6. coup/ coupe
  7. damn/ dam
  8. descent/ decent
  9. dumb/ dam
  10. heir/ air
  11. heir/ hair
  12. iron/ ion
  13. hymn/ him
  14. kneel/ Neil
  15. psychic/ sidekick
  16. reigns/ rains/ reins
  17. reign/ Reagan
  18. rhetoric/ hectic/ electric
  19. rhino/ lino
  20. scent/ sent
  21. soften/ soft and
  22. subtle/ Seattle
  23. whine/ wine
  24. wholly/ holy
  25. wholly/ holly


Level 5

  1. acquit/ aquavit
  2. aghast/ a ghost
  3. ascent/ assent
  4. bristle/ Bristol
  5. bustle/ basil
  6. cachet/ cashew
  7. colonel/ kernel
  8. corps/ Corp./ corpse
  9. corps/ core
  10. debris/ Deborah
  11. depots/ depose
  12. faux/ foe
  13. faux/ fox/ fax/ folks
  14. feign/ Fagin/ fine
  15. ghoul/ hall/ goal
  16. gnash/ Nash
  17. gnash/ gash
  18. gnat/ nut
  19. the gnats/ the Nats
  20. gnaw/ nor
  21. gnaw/ no/ gore
  22. gnome/ norm
  23. jamb/ jam
  24. knap/ cap
  25. knap/ nap
  26. knead/ kneed/ need
  27. knoll/ coal
  28. limb/ limp
  29. moisten/ moist and
  30. nestle/ Nestle
  31. numb/ number
  32. pestle/ pest
  33. plumb/ plum
  34. pseud/ sued
  35. pseud/ pseudo
  36. rapport/ report
  37. succumb/ scum
  38. thistle/ this’ll
  39. valet/ ballet
  40. whet/ wet
  41. whey/ way/ weigh
  42. womb/ Womble
  43. wreck/ rec
  44. wrest/ rest
  45. wretch/ retch
  46. wriggle/ wiggle
  47. wring/ ring
  48. writ/ lit
  49. writhe/ lithe
  50. wronged/ longed
  51. wrought/ wart
  52. wrung/ rung
  53. wry/ rye
  54. wry/ why


Homophones of words with silent letters practice

Write a word which has exactly the same pronunciation as each word below but is spelt with a silent letter.

Level 1

billed                                                                          clime

our                                                                              new

no                                                                                nose

wear                                                                           witch

Y                                                                                 wood

rap                                                                              rapped/ rapt

rite/ right


Level 2

I’ll                                                                                nit

mussel                                                         rote


Level 3

night                                                                           not

seen                                                                           sawed/ soared

we’ll                                                                            weather



Level 4

dam                                                                            air

him                                                                              Neil

rains/ reins                                                                sent

wine                                                                            holy


Level 5

kernel                                                                         core

foe                                                                               Nash

the Nats                                                                     nor

jam                                                                              nap

need                                                                           plum

sued                                                                           wet

way/ weigh                                                                rec

rest                                                                              retch

ring                                                                             rung



Check above. Other answers might sometimes be possible, so please check with your teacher if you wrote something different.

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