World History Third Conditional Discussion Questions


By: Richard Flynn
Level: Advanced
Theme: General
Study Area: Conditionals
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World History Third Conditional Discussion Questions

Part One- Turning points

Imagine you had to make the following real difficult decisions from history. Choose a few and tell
your partner what you would have decided. Do they agree with your decision?

Unjustly give Hitler control of part of the Czech Republic and so keep world peace and con-
tinue your war preparations, or declare war now

Drop the atom bomb on Japan, or launch an invasion

Drop atom bombs on the North Koreans and Chinese, or continue the Korean War

Continue fighting against the British control of Ireland, or wait until the end of WWI

Continue fighting for the vote for women in Britain, or stop your campaign until the end of

Murder Julius Caesar to save the Roman Republic, or let him become Emperor

Divide Korea between the communist North and the non-communist South, or risk the com-
munists taking over the whole country in a vote

Put suspected Al Qaeda terrorists in Guatanamo Bay and so give radical groups worldwide a
rallying point, or risk them being released by the courts to commit terrorist acts again

Permit torture against suspected terrorists and so increase anti-American feeling, or risk not
knowing about an attack until too late

Risk government paralysis while you fight the results of the Florida recount in which you
lost the election to George W Bush, or declare him the winner and become a full-time ecolo-
gical campaigner

Do you know what the real decisions were? Were any of your decisions different?

What do you think might have happened if the opposite decisions were taken?

Written by Alex Case for © 2009

Part Two- People with influence

Imagine you could have met one of the people below before they became famous. What would you
have said or done? Can you partners think of any better suggestions?

Marilyn Monroe

Lady Di

Adolf Hitler

Pol Pot

Neville Chamberlain

George W Bush


Abraham Lincoln

George III of England (king when the American colonies split from the UK)

Julius Caesar

Genghis Khan

Karl Marx

Leon Trotsky


The people who worked on the first atomic bomb


The man who invented the guillotine

Henry Ford

Can you think of any other people you might have liked to talk to, and what you would have wanted
to say?

Written by Alex Case for © 2009

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