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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Zero conditional personalised sentence completion game (writing/ speaking/ grammar) 

On your own, fill in at least half of the gaps below to make some true sentences about 
your normal reaction in the situations given, for example 

“If I wake up early, I usually 

try to read a book but fall back to sleep”.

 If any of the sentences are things you never do 

you can leave them blank. 

If/ when I wake up early, _____________________________________ 

If/ when I wake up late,_______________________________________ 

If/ when I spend too much at the shops, _______________________________ 

If/ when I see a colleague in the street when I am not working, 

If/ when I feel especially energetic, _________________________ 

If/ when I feel stressed, _________________________________ 

If/ when I feel depressed, _______________________________ 

If/ when I have a difficult personal problem, _________________________ 

If/ when my clothes don’t fit because I have put on weight, 

If/ when my parents ask me to do something I don’t want to, 

If/ when I want to know the latest gossip, ______________________________ 

If/ when my brother or sister says something I don’t like, ________________________ 

If/ when something in my house doesn’t work, ____________________________ 

If/ when I get sweaty, _____________________________________________ 

If/ when I accidentally break something, ________________________________ 


In pairs, read your partner only the part you have written of one of the sentences above, 
e.g. “…I go to the hairdresser’s”. Your partner will try to guess which sentence it comes 
from, e.g.: 

Student A: “I think that when you want to know the latest gossip, you go to the 
Student B: “No, I don’t”/ “No, that’s not true” 
Student A: “Hmm. Maybe if you feel stressed, you go to the hairdresser’s” 
Student B: “Maybe that’s true, but this sentence is different” 
Student A “A ha, I know! If you have a difficult personal problem, you go to the 
Student B “That’s right! He’s a great person to talk to.” 

Continue guessing sentences until your teacher asks you to stop 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Zero conditional personalised sentence completion game (writing/ speaking/ grammar) 
Page 2- Zero Conditionals Grammar Presentation and Further Practice 
Grammar Presentation 

Match these sentences endings to the gaps on Page One above: 

I just buy new ones 
I cry 

What is the tense of each underlined verb in the full sentence below? 

If/ when my clothes don’t fit because I have put on weight, I just buy new ones 
If/ when my brother or sister says something I don’t like, I cry

Is the tense used in the first part and second part of the sentence the same? 
Is the tense used the Present Simple 



 He usually wakes up at 7 o’clock) 

or the 




 He wants to wake up at 7 o’clock tomorrow)


What is the difference in meaning and grammar between 

“If/ when my clothes don’t fit 

because I have put on weight, I just buy new ones” 


 “If my clothes don’t fit after I live 

in England next year, I will buy new ones”



Further practice 

Write five more true zero conditional sentences about your usual reactions to things, but 
this time creating the whole sentence yourself, e.g. 

“If I have money left at the end of the 

month, I spend it on CDs” 
1.  If/ when ______________________________________, ____________________________ 
2.  If/ when ______________________________________, ____________________________ 
3.  If/ when ______________________________________, ____________________________ 
4.  If/ when ______________________________________, ____________________________ 
5.  If/ when ______________________________________, ____________________________ 

Like on Page One above, read out only the second parts of the sentences you have 
written and see if your partner can guess what the first part is. 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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