Zero Conditionals and Feelings- Personalised Sentences


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Zero Conditionals and Feelings- Personalised Sentences Guessing Game

Choose one of the feelings below and say something that makes you feel that way or what
you do when you feel that way without saying the name of the feeling, for example
When I feel this way, I usually chew my fingernails” without saying “stressed” or “If/ When I
have a test, I almost always feel this way” without saying “motivated”. Your partner should
then try to repeat the sentence back to you with the correct feelings word

Example dialogue
“When you feel bored, you usually chew your fingernails”
“Actually, if I feel bored I just have a nap”
“When you feel stressed, you usually chew your fingernails”
“Yes, that’s exactly right”

Useful phrases for playing the game
“If/ When I feel this way, I (always/ almost always/ usually/ often/ sometimes)…”
“If/ When…, I…”
“That’s right”
“That’s also true, but that’s not the sentence that I wrote”
“No, that’s not true for me. In that situation I… Try again”
“Shall I give you a hint?”

afraid/ frightened/ scared

amused – unamused

angry/ furious/ irritated/ annoyed – calm

anxious/ nervous/ worried – calm

bored/ uninterested – interested/ excited


disgusted/ revolted


enthusiastic – unenthusiastic

happy – blue/ down/ unhappy/ sad/ depressed

hot – cold

hungry/ starving – full/ stuffed

ill/ sick/ unwell – well

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

impressed – unimpressed/ disappointed

motivated – unmotivated


patient – impatient



satisfied – dissatisfied

stressed – relaxed

surprised/ shocked/ amazed


tired/ sleepy/ exhausted – energetic


wonderful/ fantastic/ fabulous – terrible/ awful/ horrible

Ask your partner then your teacher about any words above which you don’t understand.
Then work together to make sentences about at least one of you with those words.

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

Without looking above for now, put at least one suitable word into each of the gaps below.
A slash (/) means the words should have similar meanings and a dash (-) means that the
words should have opposite meanings. Words which weren’t above are also fine as long
as they match the gaps.

afraid/ _________________________/ _____________________________________

amused – ____________________________________________________________

angry/ ____________________/ ____________________________/ annoyed – calm

anxious/ _______________________/ _______________________________ – calm

bored/ __________________________ – interested/ __________________________

brave/ ____________________________ – scared/ afraid/ frightened


____________________________________________________________/ revolted


enthusiastic – ________________________________________________________

happy – _________________/ down/ _______________/ sad/ _________________

hot – _______________________________________________________________

hungry/ ______________________ – ________________/ ____________________

ill/ ________________________/ ___________________________________ – well

impressed – _____________________/ ___________________________________

motivated – _________________________________________________________


patient – ____________________________________________________________



satisfied – ___________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________ – relaxed

surprised/ ____________________________/ ______________________________


tired/ ______________/ _______________ – _______________________________


wonderful/ ______________/ _____________ – ____________/ __________/ horrible

Compare your ideas with those on the previous page. Many more answers are possible,
so if you wrote different words check them with your teacher.

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

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