Article Is English an easy language to learn?


I have often heard people saying that English is an easy language to learn. I have also heard that Chinese is the most difficult, and many speakers of languages are proud to say that their language is one of the hardest of all. But is this true? Are some languages harder than others?

It depends on many things; Chinese, for example, has no tense, but it has a writing system that is very different from the systems used in English. One thing might be harder, but another is simpler.

With English, I feel that it is an easy language to pick up at the start. Many students can start speaking it fairly quickly and progress rapidly through the early stages. this might be because it seems not to have the complexity and abundance of grammatical rules that many languages have.

However, this is also one of its difficulties; having mastered the basics of English, many students then find it hard to reach the very high levels, because there are so many exceptions to everything and so many funny little rules.

All in all, I'd say it is easy to begin with, but it gets a lot harder. if your goal is to reach fluency, then English is not an easy language. It has an enormous vocabulary, its spelling system is a mess and there are many tricky little rules.

There are other factors that affect it, such as how close the language is to your own. Spanish will be easier to a Portuguese speaker than a Japanese speaker because it is very similar.

Personally, I don't think any language is easy, not if you wish to master it. As languages embody entire cultures, they are highly complex things and require years of learning for most. I'm still learning a lot about English and I have been speaking it since I was a baby and teaching it since I finished studying it at university.

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Hello Tdol,

As so often before I agree with what you are saying in your latest article where you raise the question whether English is an easy language to learn.
You are right, I too think that there is no such thing like an easy or difficult language. English has a lot of advantages for people wanting to be able to quickly get a basic knowledge of the most commonly used phrases and respond to simple yet useful questions.
That's why English probably is faster and easer to learn than for German for example where the nounds and verbs have different endings depending on the context you are using them in. English words usually don't have varying endings (there is almost no declension and no conjugation in the English language) which reduces the number of pitfalls you are bound to stumble into when learning other languages.
Also, the English language has a lot of words that are made up by only 3 or 4 letters and there is a good balance of consonants and vowels which makes it easier to learn and memorize new vocabulary. An English word usually has different meanings depending on the context - a fact that I regard as another advantage for learners of English because you can express a lot of different meanings with a relatively small number of words.

There certainly is more this topic so it should be an ongoing discussion rather than a series of articles..
What do you think?

I agree Torsten! ;-)

I've just started a poll in the forum about it:

The very things that make English easy in the early stages, like the absence of many things that require learning rules, are also the ones that make it difficult in the higher levels, where there are so many little points to remember.

I agree with you about the idea that many are proud of their language's difficulties. Just as many English speakers take pride in the eccentricities and complexities of English, many like to think of their tongue as particularly difficult.

While there is no connection between language and intelligence, I think many feel that if they speak a notoriously difficult language, it makes them more of an achiever than those with a language seen as easy.

How about this one? ;-)

Which language is the most difficult?

I have to agree and echo red 5's comment's. The fact German has different noun and verb endings depending on context in my opinion makes it easier not harder, because there are then fewer grey areas and a lot less problems with misunderstanding. Clarity is there from the outset!

English has so few rules compared to so many other's that anything and everything can be incorrectly applied or used!!!!

I think the error in its perception of being "an easy language" comes from those who find grappling with the very elementary stuff ok and quite straight forward. When you start ascending to the advanced levels it becomes a very different subject all together!!

I agree with what you're saying, Makaveli, although I'm not sure I agree with your statement about English having few rules. I'd say it has many, but few are universal.

english is some time difficult beause we have may grammar point.these points are so difficult to learn.

> >

But I believe that some languages are easier than other languages. :)


And that's why I think English is easier than some other language.Being a native speaker I think you can't feel the same thing about learning English language as I can and either it is easy or not.

But I believe that some languages are easier than other languages. :)
You said Englsih is easy in beginning and that's why I think English is easier than some other language.Being a native speaker I think you can't feel the same thing about learning English language as I can and either it is easy or not.

Did you find it easy to learn at the beginning or difficult? ;-)

the thing about english is that it has such a rich vocabulary, i mean there are about 615,000 words to pick from and the simplicity of the spelling is amazing. these simple sturcters of the language make it a language others (by this i mean non english speakers) to communicate in. although can english really be called its own language when we use and have used so many words from others and we are constantly changing words to slang or jargon. will we ever just be simple????

>>will we ever just be simple????<<

I hope not.

Dear All,

I think English is neither easy nor difficult. By experience and practice, it will be easy, without experience it is very harder than the other languages. I got a little fluency in English in about 7 years. But, I didn't think English is hard one. Because, even now, I am in the learning stage to attain a very good fluenzy in it.

I think it will take for me another 7 years. I am not worry about it.



I have just started learning Japanese and the progress I will make will be much slower than when I was studying European languages. I think it'll take me seven years, but hope to move faster than that. ;-)

Torsten, I agree with you in your first comment that the fact that many English words have different meanings depending on which context they are used in, therefore enabling a person with not so vast a vocabulary range to express themselves in many ways. That is an advantage. But just tell me one thing: What about all the effort you have to go through to memorise all these different meanings?
I believe that it is your perseverence and how hard you apply yourself when studying another language that makes that language seems easier or more difficult. It depends on how much time you spend listening , speaking, reading and writing in that language and how curious you are to find out things you are not sure of. Of course, it does help if the language you are studying is similar to your own in some way. Every language has its peculiarities and also easy and difficult features.

I guess what makes a language more difficult or easier is how hard you apply yourself, how interested you are in finding out stuff you are not sure about, how many hours a day you dedicate to the study of that language, how much you read or hear in that language. Each language has its peculiarites, that is, easy and hard features about it. Of course that if your mother tongue shares similarities with the language being learned, things will be easier as well.

I guess what makes a language more difficult or easier is how hard you apply yourself, how interested you are in finding out stuff you are not sure about, how many hours a day you dedicate to the study of that language, how much you read or hear in that language. Each language has its peculiarites, that is, easy and hard features about it. Of course that if your mother tongue shares similarities with the language being learned, things will be easier as well.

Even if the similarities seem fairly distant, as between English and Polish,say, they are still much closer than languages from other families. Within a family, there seems to be a proximity of logic, which shouldn't be underestimated.

my mother tounge is tamil ihad very diffcult
to speak in english so give2me an easy solution about

There is no easy solution- improvements come over time and with a lot of practice. Try going to our forum, where you can postdirectly to English speakers and teachers. ;-)

how can i improve my enlish by using you

There are many ways- we have forums, where you an ask teachers questions, exercises to practise, texts to read, language analysis tools and links to sites everywhere, etc. ;-)

need a course which cud improve my fluenzy n communication skills in english .it must b correspondence which i cud learn at home.
how to talk in parties n other formal parties

I just start learn English sinc four months ago . I think it is quite easy.

English to me is so easy to speak but it's specific minute rules may take time mastering. I would rather say that its ease or difficulty depends upon its level, that is, it's conversational is easy, but its analytic-syntactical semantics is hard. I would recommend that vocabulary should be learned in context rather than through rote memorization.

ya i too agree what mr ROLLY said vocabulary is most important while speaking english

i dont have perfact in english but i can speak & my problem is that in my clasmats no one talk with me so i want talk in english as early as possible
plz give the suggestion

I don't personally think english is a hard language because that's what I was taught growing up. I can see how it would be difficult for people trying to learn english. In school, I am always learning new vocabulary. I have to memorize 20 words each week, and I've been doing that for a long time. Also, there are so many little rules. When I look at each word in a sentence, I can't really tell you why something goes where. I just know where it goes. The easy part about English is the short words. All the common words are about 1 or 2 sylabols. I think spelling is the hardest part of the English language though. Sometimes the pronunciation of words make absolutely no sense; you just have to memorize it. English would not be a language I would want to try and learn. But, that's just what I think

yes i think english will be easier if you master it all.but sometimes im getting bored because i forgot some things about english language well i think its quite easy.. i want to learn more about it.

I am daily reading this complete message board, and trying to improve my english in this manner . is this is currect manner to improve english or not?

i wont to improve my english vary quickly so if any one has any good solution so tell me . i am also preparing for MBA .

it's nice

I think that English is quite an easy language although I don't know if it is one of the hardest language in the world.

What I think would be a hard language is Arabic
I also think it is the most beautiful language of the world.
the holy Quran is in arabic too

i dont have perfact in english i can't speak & my problem is that in my clasmats no one talk with me so i want talk in english as early as possible
plz give the suggestion

i poor in english
i want to learne basic because iam telugu medium ian my schoo leval
can u how to impruve my english

Ranjith, try joining our forum:
Here you can talk directly to teachers and other learners.

i poor in english
i want to learne basic because iam tamil medium i an my schoo leval
can u how to impruve my me plz


My name is Selim. I'm from Turkey. I don't speak and write English very well. But I know to that, know to English is very important for the people. So,I want to have friends for writting English on internet.

How can i improve my english language? i can understand,but when i give the reply is very difficult to talk like fear whether it is wrong or not

i think that english is most beautiful language that i experianced from different ways and situation.but i find hard to learn it properly now also!!!!!!

Pracice makes perfect.To learn a language a lot of practice is essential.English language is easy compared to many European languages.

I am murali . I know telugu and little bit english. But I don't know english grammar .And i am telugu medium from birth. give one suggestion

iwant to learn english language so that help me how to improve my language and give me some advise about the learning english .

hi my name is boby
i am 18 years old
and i want to learn english
i know english but i want to learn it more hopes u can help me .what ever ur name

I would like to improve my english, so I need someone to guide me. Thanks

hi sir,
this is channaveer ,an engg student studing in mysore.sir i want to be good english speaker n reader . tell some tips to improve my in english

i am vinod kumar
i am some week in english so tell me about easy learn english
as soon as possible

thanking you

vinod kumar

i am science student i know english well but iam very poor in vocabulary , for that i need some help .

If you want to ask questions directly, use our forum:

My wife speaks 5 languages fluently. English was the 3rd language she learned. Since then, she's picked up two other languages. She says English is the easiest of all the languages to learn. America prides itself on being the best, but in this case, it is a myth. English is not even close to the toughest language to learn.

hello i am ahsan and i am learning english now but i have some problem regarding some structures and preposition .Although i have a good teacher who is teaching me so good but i want to learn something more by myself so i need a good helpful grammar, could you help me for looking for a grammar site.
also give some suggestions and and advice to speak correcr pronounciation of english words.
thank you very much

English is a language which has lost almost all the inflection it once had. To see this you just have to read Beowulf in Old English, then try Chaucer in Middle English, and then try Hemingway, and you'll quickly discover that the trend in English was from high complexity to less complexity (or from high inflection to almost no inflection). Perhaps the reason this happened is because England had long held a prominent role in commerce around the world. For the purposes of trade and foreign diplomacy, it would have been beneficial to simplify the language in order to make communication easier. And so we have a language that has no case inflection for its nouns and adjectives, and the verb conjugations are amazingly simple---in most cases there are only two different forms. There is some case inflection for pronouns, but most native English speakers can't get them right anyway (how many times have you heard: me and John went to... or: He gave it to John and I, or: between you and I...---all these show incorrect case of pronoun). As a result of almost no inflection, English relies almost entirely on word order for meaning, and once a learner has recognized what this word order is---it's relatively simple--they have nothing left to learn. so, instead of learning endless paradigms according to case and number and gender, you just have to memorize subject, verb, predicate. This would have to make English one of the easiest languages to learn. Simple fact, inflection is what makes language learning difficult. Anyone who has tried to learn Latin or Attic Greek or even modern German or Russian can attest to the difficulties of learning cases and their use. Prepositions are some of the trickiest words in any language, but imagine how much easier they'd be to learn in English because you don't also have to learn which case they take. Anyway, I'm a native English speaker so I can't be sure, but I believe that, at least in Indo-European languages, inflection has to be the deciding factor when we're determining how difficult any given language is to learn. Fact is, no inflection= no problem. English is easy.

hi,my english isn't bad, but i don't usually practise so speaking english is difficule for me.I hope, u help me improve my english. Thank u very much! Nice to make friend with u! have a nice day!

hi,my english isn't bad, but i don't usually practise so speaking english is diffcule for me.i hope, u help me to improve my english. thank you

I wonder why people copy-paste the same wrong sentences written by others to express their own openions? No language is so easy that it can be learn in one day. Try heard...You will feel.. its as easy as your mothertounge.


I'm fromthe Central African Republic. I graduated in Americna Civilization, and then postgraduated in the English teaching.
Please, could you tell me or show me grammatically or lexically what makes English to be an easy-to-learn language?

Hi there,

Im from Terengganu, Malaysia... english is easy to learn because it is anywhere and everywhere. we'll find english not in juz in the area that we live but also in outerspace, deep in the sea, in peak of Everest...everywhere. As long as we see, listen and speak using it everywhere and everytime than it will make it very easy to learn and know about this language..hope you r agree with me.

What Tdol says is OK as far as it goes, but it strikes me as strange to talk about the difficulty of learning Mandarin and not mention tone (


one can safely say that english is the most easiest language one student can pick up.

hello for all.
i wrote what many of students for this subject,but i have a comment very necessary.the english language is very easy for learn just for the student who had a good level in the french language or in her materenel language.but is not easy for all.

i want to learn english much by this way .

Hi dear friends
From my study and working years in field and office
my english language is help me to talk and read the technical topics , but i feel that i,m so poor in others , like social, medical,political , etc topics.
So I need a help from some body for advice or some how.

I think English Language the easiest language, because it is No.1 in the world. That everybody must learnt it so as to contact with world. the need of it make it important for everyone to know it

hi guys and gals

having a read and flick through what people have been writing on here i am suprised in some people and their comments English comes in many different forms . British english and U.S.A english are 2 different languages really, we use different grammar and spelling and words aswell for example "the boot of my car in england" is the "trunk of my car" in the usa.. i wore my sweatsuit and sneakers when i went for a jog today (usa) is i wore my tracksuit and trainers when i went for a jog today (uk)and we use different spelling aswell .... Also in England we have alot of regional accents from the north to the south and many spoken dialects the hardest to understand are from liverpool (scouse) newcastle(geordie) glasgow (glaswegian or jocks ) are a few to name as well as a few more
and then you have northwales who speak an old celtic language that has near no resamblance to english and and english person could not understand at all except when english loan words are used but appart from that you would be lost all together ... and modern English is unique it has been moulded and sculpted many times over the years and is so musch more friendlier to use than other languages but grammar is a big challange i think , it's not the way you use words it's how you word or place them as we have alot of emotion and body language in personal conversations aswell and the internet does not allow that to come through

I am very happy for site. be cause. I am week english but now i learn english. I thinkings I easly develop my problem. thanks for this site

hi,iam raghu
iwant to learn english. iam week in friends are all well educated .iam very shy feeling while speaking english with, please understand my problem and teach me.

"The fact German has different noun and verb endings depending on context in my opinion makes it easier not harder, because there are then fewer grey areas and a lot less problems with misunderstanding. Clarity is there from the outset!"

LOL, what utter string of nonsense! No one with even the slightest clue of german would ever say such thing.

Americans, get this once for all: english IS the EASIEST, SILLIEST language of ANYWHERE, even if it hurts your pride! :-)

(Just for the record -- I am not german.)

hello, i ask you if you can help me to know inglish i will very happ beacose i like so much inglish languegs

It is very interesting to read all kind of your explonation about the way of learning english, it really helps me to improve my skills. But what I want to say is that I am twenty years old and I am trying hard to learn english and I agree that english is very easy in begining but later if you want to learn it in exellent way it is really hard anyway for me it's very lovely language. I live in a contry were is most important to know english for every kind of different job. Even if you want to work as a cleaner is necessary to have a very good skills in english. My country language is albanian and it is really very hard for everyone who want to learn it.I thing if you really want to learn a language and work hard for that you will learn very soon, you just need to have courage because the concept easy or hard is just in your mind!

Dear Koti, I suppose that You live in a Serbian province called Kosovo, but now I first time herd that someone asked You to know English in order to get job of cleaner.Aniway, I see that You are a smart boy considering that You realized that English is very important. Just go ahead!

pods crer mano....!!!

"one can safely say that english is the most easiest language one student can pick up."

yet you write things like "most easiest"? LOL

Hello ppl,i personally think that to learn good english u hav to study it from ur childhood,bcoz only childhood is the tym when evrything is vry much exceptable.My 1st language is bangla but nw i m able to talk in english.I nevr go to any institution for learning it but i always try to learning it by watching tv,chating,etc.And now i feel that english is vry easy for me.Yes,its true that i use vry simple words.Bt i bliv oneday i will b able to speak vry fluently.Evry1 must hav to hav the interest to learn english,then it will otomatically grow.I bliv.Thnks

English IS an easy language to learn when you first begin. I'm a native English speaker, so I should point out some things.

Elementary school English is very easy to learn. However, their, there, they're, to, too, and two, can lead to difficulties, along with different other words. This is one of the hardest things in English, the learning of the words that are pronounced the same, but are used in different contexts.

HOWEVER, once one has mastered the basics, the road becomes extremely challanging. You've been intruduced to the diversity of the English language.

The English language has the ability to create new words. This will lead to confusion; not only to non-English speakers, but to those that are fluent in it too! For example, has anyone seen the unabridged version of the dictionary, which lists all of the English words so far? Every year, hundreds - if not more - words are added! So in 2009, we will have an even THICKER dictionary, and so forth.

To sum up everything, English is both. It can be extremely easy if you look for the basics, but will be extremely challanging if you want to learn more. Same as other languages.

One needs practice.

ithink that english is very good language and it is easy to learn it if you like it.

first of all my name is keyf i'm study last year may degree progaram and now live in malaysia to complete may degree so i hope seccefull person in the future

English might not be an easy language itself but its native-speakers tend to simplify it.
As I am an exchange student I am visiting an English college and in the beginning I was unsatisfied, everyday, just because I thought I would not have made any progress.
I used the same words over and over... after a time I started to learn new words - myself. I just bought a newspaper and learned all words I had not heard before.
Well, I made "attempts" to use them in real-life conversation and had to "endure" lot's of surprised looks - and why?
Not because I used some word or the other in the wrong context, no T- moreover because it was uncommon to use a wide range of words.

I talked to an American and he told me about his school and that is was closed for a day, .... I interrupted and asked whether they would counsel /.../ and he just laughed and told me how hilarious it would be for him as a native-speaker to speak to foreigners as they would always try to use these "special words" (counsel in this case). He told me he would just say "the teachers talk".

It is quite difficult for me -as being a foreigner to explain my point of view, but the large amount of words in the English language is mainly unused and that is why English is called an easy language, even though it might be not as easy as it is announced to be.

Native-speakers seem to like to simplify their language, they do not use a large vocabulary and build their sentences quite simple - not very complex.
You just need a feeling for the language and a bit of effort and you will be able to talk - maybe on a low level, but who cares as the native-speakers do they same?
(Nah I am not talking about the whole nation)

Where is the point in trying and trying and trying to improve one's English language skills if even native-speakers do not know how to speak "properly"?

In my country we like to "show off" our ability to articulate ourselves "properly".
We love to decorate our sentences with little sentences and to prove how much we have learned so far.

For example:
A discussion in an English class and a discussion in a class in my country

The English would speak as if they would be in a normal conversation, they won't make the effort to use words that do not sound like "amazing","good"....

In my country we would use as many words as we know and, like I said before, would at least try to build complex sentences.

People tend to think wrong of me when I explain my theory to them.
I think it is the explanation why English is called an easy language.
I, myself, struggle with the English language, just because I try to form correct sentences.
Once I have written a text I will go over it and over it and try to eliminate all mistakes, and in the end I will have more of them than in the beginning.

As my English is not as good as it could be I must not say that English is an easy language, but can think of a theory why people might say so.

hi i'm matt croucher and i think that the english are the best in the world

p.s there were ten german bombers in the air and the RAF short one down

i love england

"Anyway, I'm a native English speaker so I can't be sure, but I believe that, at least in Indo-European languages, inflection has to be the deciding factor when we're determining how difficult any given language is to learn. Fact is, no inflection= no problem. English is easy."

No, inflection is not the only thing that makes indo-european languages difficult, there are also the verbs. Romance languages like Portuguese have lost almost all inflections from latin but have developed a much more complicated verb system, so, overall, I'd say Romance languages are as hard as german, the verbs makes up for the lost inflections. But Modern English didn't develop any complicated verb systems, it has the easiest elements of both worlds. English is by far the simplest Indo-European language.

Yeah right man!

As Shakespeare said: "To be or not to be, that's the question" or as Sherlock Holmes said: "Elementary my dear Watson, elementary" or as Benito Juárez said: "Among individuals as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace"
or as Cantinflas said: "I don't know if he said or if he invented it, but that is the idea, chato"

Como dijo el filósofo griego Sócrates: "Yo solo sé que no se nada"

Y así nos la podríamos pasar, pero lo cierto es que la forma más fácil de aprender un idioma es desde niño, osea como idioma nativo.
Saludos amigos!!!

hi my name is pavi,i can understand what others talk to mme but i cant reply as fast as them because of lack of words,u have any easy solution

I know english ,but i cant speak it same like native speakers,some times i have a problem of lack of words
,but i dontknow there is any idea to english,i also know english is the essential in the world language

Nice points. I agree that there is no easy language to learn. However I would say that English is more accessible (i.e. easier) because of the large amounts of media available on the net and the high exposure it receives. If you know where to look it is easy to find hundreds of hours of podcasts and videos in your target language. This is easier when your language is English than when it is Thompson :)

Well I kind of agree with most of the feedback left here.

The main think that make people think about English as a relatively easy language to learn might be the easy access to it through the medias.

However, once one get deeper, it's not the same.
As any language, you need hours of studies ... By hour"s" I mean thousands, to get a correct level.

while going through all those hours, if you remain in the midst of your own language ( well, in your country in brief.) you might get a good asset concerning your vocabulary, but then ... Fluency ... no ...

I've been in Canada for 8 months now, I can tell you, even though I'm working in a coffee shop, speaking with many people all day long, my listening fluency is far from perfect. An other prejudice is that staying in an English speaking country will allow you to improve without any further efforts ... WRONG, a hundred percent wrong.

Even f you come with a tremendous amount of vocabulary, while watching the Tv, or listening to the radio, your brain has to match your vocabulary with what your interlocutor is saying, or what the journalist is saying as well ...

It's usually really hard to fathom due to the fact that English has it's own particular sounds. Besides, native speakers don't talk to you like your teacher did in school.

This is one point, the other one is the richness of its vocabulary. Well I saw above that english had more than 600,000 words. That must be true when you consider the humongous number of languages it is coming from. just a sample, you have French, German, Scandinavian, some African dialects, Hindi, Latin, Greek ...

Besides even you speak French, then the French used in Englsih have slightly different meanings than they do have in your tongue.
Nuances are also really hard to gripe, as well as phrasal verbs. For instance, when you read a paper, you coud say, that you are doing a "run through", "going through", "reading through", as well as " I'm reading the paper in its entirety/ integrality / Reading it completly" ...

you have as well loot, and sack which express the same idea. Sack comes from French, loot is British.

Magician => French
Wizard=> British

And there are still so many exemples.

You have the different accent as well, the slang different from a city to an other. American, Australian, Canadian, British, South African English ...
In 50 years, you will have, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch .... and so on English ...

Now, who tells English is easy ??
easy if you stay at the surface, thoroughly different when you try to get deeper.

a last exemple:

Factory/central: US
Plant: British
Mill: rarely used but still shows up once in a while.

And I almost forgot, but the spelling system is all fucked up, it's like French basically. I think French and English are sharing this in common, because most of the other language I could experience are sharing a common law of strict pronounciation rules.


draught/ draft ... same prononciation

sais/ c'est / sait .... same prononciation

I don't think I can recall any other language that writing things diiferently can get the same pronounciation with an alphabet, except Korean ... but Korean at least has rules about those exceptions.

pfiiuuu, that was hard work ^^

i want to study english sametimes i am to get english easy

i poor in english.
because i am telugu medium student. first of all i want to learn so many irregular vebs & tenses where did they found plz tell me email address

Your comment and views reflect 99% of my own thoughts on the subject. Regards!!!

Very good work. Bravo.

i think that english is most beautiful language that i experianced from different ways and situation.but i find hard to learn it properly now also!!!!!!

english is is not essey to speking or lisning some english words to differnt masage in usa the people to speke english for meit snot easey example GIMME=give me
GONNA=going to
GOTA=(have)got a
so im english is the second languge so confuse me im to hared to worke english plese coment tome how to develop english lisng writng speking plese sujustto by email thank you.

English is extremely hard language to learn.It's so messed up.You start to freak out because every now and then you see one word that carry many meanings.It's bewildering sometimes because one word that has so many synonyms that is really huge problem and they mean exactly the same.

It has so many levels
1) With your limited vocab you can speak English but you will never ever able to really opine yourself vividly because you dawdles in vocab.

2). A person with substantial vocab can do it with lot of ease.

If you are a non-native speaker of English.Keep trying.Mind it is more than a sea you can never ever drank whole of it.

I was raised learning 2 languages, English and Hindi. Keep in mind I was born and raised in America. I spoke English at school and everywhere else, but Hindi at home. I also took Spanish in school. I think compared to other languages in the world, English is one of the EASIEST languages to learn. Sure there's a complex vocab and borrowed words, and weird spelling, but EVERY language has that and more. English has only 26 letters in it compared to 52 in Hindi, 204 in Japanese, and others with over 1,000. I think that if a foreigner was to come to America and be fully immersed in the English language for 1 month, they would learn much more of the language than if an American English speaker went to a foreign country and was immersed in their language for a moth(and by foreign I mean a country with no resemblance to English). Overall, compared to the complicated Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other languages, English seems incredibly easy.

I think the biggest thing we should be asking ourselves here is why people think that hardness=awesomeness and easy=suck when it comes to a language. What's wrong with a language being easy?

english is very easy language if a person been
tow or three months in amarican

I THINK THE ENGLISH IS EASY if the practice is continuing

Historically in the UK the king and high class used to speak French which was a complex language whereas "the people" spoke English and this is why it is a simplified language.
English is the easiest language hence the fact that so many people speak it. The shoking thing is that British people do so many spelling mistakes in their own language.

Hi, i learned english when i was 7 and it was pretty easy to me.Maybe people like me do a lot of grammatical errors all the time but we understand most of the things people are talking about.

Its like if you're not going to write a book or work at some important company, its not necessary to learn those little silly rules.

I am a native English speaker. I began reading when I was 3 and could read a young adult novel when I was 6.

English comes from "Great Britain", and there are many people in the United States that have difficulty understanding someone from England.

When English is written, there are no difficulties at all understanding (except for a few slang terms) someone from "Great Britain".

The English of the United States evolves very quickly. For example, I am an A student in English, but there are times when my Grandfather who is 95 years-old says something I do not understand. To be fair, I think this may not be unusual for anyone speaking any language.

Here is my strategy for really understanding a language. Can you understand a legal document in the language? Can you understand what the great poets wrote in the language? Can you understand what your professor wrote in the language? Can you understand and enjoy repeating "lines" in a movie in that language?

As an English speaker, what really made me wake up and open the door to my minds-eye was realizing that many words could be broken up into roots from other languages such as German, Old and Middle English, French, and Latin. It was like discovering a molecule was made up of a atoms.

To really understand a language, you may need to understand its roots, its history, its complex relationship with power, human and non-human.

I do believe that English gives learners the best of both worlds because on the whole it is a very easy language to pick up because in all fairness its a "Mongrel" language with pieces from near enough all other Indo-Eurasian languages, but then there is a side which I have seen in which non fluent or non native speakers have a hard time dealing in and that was the difference in when something could be said and why in that order or in that time area was wrong. so this example was whether the use of a colour (skin) was racist and he was getting confused because of the placement of the adjective and the grammar that was in the sentence and even after 30 minutes of this, he was no where closer than when we started. Also in English there are many words which some people may have never heard of this mostly being "Old English" as well as appropriateness of a sentence, so as stated before I think that English is a great language to learn but hides many dark holes and secrets that many get confused by.

I vanting speak English so I can making English girlfriend then have the visa and living in England. Please please I need helping if i can make frends on Internet and helps me learn thr English online. Thank u

learn english

hi every one, friends i want to learn english but still facing difficulties when i try to learn it, in starting was easy but now i having difficulties in grammar and i don't understand that what is the different between verb and noun and same time i feel anxiety to take is problem plz plz help me anyone, so that i remove this error in me

The above answers contain some of the most stupid matter I have ever read concerning linguistics. Inflection is not the sole indicator of grammar as languages progress along a cycle of fusion-analytical-agglutinating-fusional-analytical etc. English is analytical relies on word order and auxiliaries just like Chinese, speaking of which, everyone here is bashing and mocking English for lacking inflection but this same bullcrap is never given to Chinese from these biased euro-centric mouths! The only thing easier in English is lack of gender, but everything else has it's own challenges and such. THAT IS IT!
There is a perceived and artificial difficulty created for inflection, one may say.
"Lol English is most easy, it has less word endings, it was of many harder for me learn Catalan even I was a Spanish speaker"
Hmmmm and how long did it take to get fluent in either?

Does anyone know what topicalization is? Or subject or object raising? Or the gerund distinctions in English? Or the aspect distinctions made in English? Or prepositional result complements? Or Subjektshub? Or Inversion? Or Phrasals? or the deontic modal future? Locative and indirect object passives not possible in German?

There is so much above that is so false that it makes me angry. How can anyone live saying such fake stuff. This whole myth that English is easy due to lacking inflection needs to die. And none of this hatred is given to Chinese, a gigantic double standard. I really just wanna go up to those posters who said these things and just tell them how wrong they are but it will never be done......especially those who call it the "silliest" or "a pidgin"

I agree that the difficulty of the language depends on the language you already know. Yes, there are many rules and especially exception in English language but if you are sincere to learn this language, you'll do whatever it takes to learn it and...I think, one of the ways to learn English grammar, pronunciation is by watching English movie.


My simple idea is if you understand english, you can easily learn and if you know the ways to create english without the help of anybody, you can learn easily.

t babu

I think english an extremely difficult becouse I tried to learun many yrs UT I can't speak well I have conprehensive broblem.

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