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We can offer you competative rates for our individual Leaderboard (728x90) and MPU (300x250) banner ad positions. We use Google's cutting-edge DoubleClick for Publishers ad-serving software to deliver your ads, with all of the benefits that gives.

The following banner advertising options are available:

  • Homepage CPM Ads - Place your adverts on our single highest visit page.
  • CPM Banner Advertising - Place rotated run-of-site and targeted section advertising.
  • Section Sponsorship - Take out both banner slots in a section for a pre-defined duration.
  • Site Sponsorship - Plase ads in both banner positions on an exclusive run-of-site basis for a pre-defined duration.

For further information about advertising options and the CPM rates available to you on, please email us at

Self-serve Advertising

Since we're part of the Adsense network it is possible for you to target our site using their Google AdWords product.


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