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    Re: improve spelling???

    Quote Originally Posted by tedtmc View Post
    The students would just fail the test.
    Don't you get tested for spelling (if not dictation) in school? And how do you improve your spelling if not through tests? Not that I have any particular interest in TESL.
    Speaking of which, I have noticed many natives do have problem with spelling.
    Yes, of course we have spelling tests. Lists of words are assigned and students have to learn them, write sentences with them, etc. Then for the test, the teacher will say the word out loud and the student will write those words and hand in their tests, which the teacher corrects.

    The original post said that the teacher wanted to dictate notes and that would also improve the spelling. It didn't say "The teacher dictates the spelling words." Unless the teacher corrects the dictated notes, how does the student learn whether he or she used correct spelling as the notes were transcribed? Yes, the chalk board exercise would work, but is there one student up there writing the notes on the board as the teacher speaks? Does the teacher stop if the student at the board makes a spelling mistake to correct the mistake and then resume dictating his/her notes?
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    Re: improve spelling???

    Suppose the teacher has dictated the one page notes, she will now correct the note books of the students to see whether they have made any mistakes or not. If there are some mistakes ,she will correct them.

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