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    What does "singles scene" mean?

    "With Internet dating, "you kind of go to a 'bar' and look at all potential mates very easily and scroll through them," says Patrick Markey, director of the Interpersonal Relationship Laboratory at Villanova University. For those too busy for the singles scene, online dating is a welcome shortcut, especially when profiles and photos let you be choosy about your choices."
    Time - How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Tweet the Ways by Megan Friedman

    Does it mean meeting face to face? Or perhaps it relates to being single - but then it doesn't make much sense to me as a whole. I'd be grateful for clarifying.

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    Re: What does "singles scene" mean?

    The "singles scene" in this case refers to single people in search of a relationship getting dressed up and going out to clubs and/or discos, bars, whatever in hopes of meeting someone that might be a potential mate. Before Internet dating became popular, going out to "singles bars" was a popular way of meeting people.

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