[General] a few collocations of "inquire"

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Sep 13, 2007
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Dear teachers,

Would you be kind eenough to share with me your opinion concerning the following sentences?

There's a woman at the door, enquiring for Simon.

The police are enquiring into the disappearance of the jewellery.

The police made inquiries how the accident had happened.

The director inquired whether the problem had already been solved by the reaserch team.

I inquired how much they would charge for the room.

Having thus at length inquired the truth concerning law and dispense.

And all obey and few inquire his will.

He inquired where we were to meet.

We inquired about her health.

In 1990, Lord Justice Woolf was appointed to inquire into the circumstances surrounding the riot at Strangeways prison and associated matters.

Now family reasons can be anything from baby's colic to a wife running off with the milkman, and there is no arguing with them, because it is indelicate to inquire further, and potentially embarrassing to boot.

One officer came up to inquire of our purpose, while the other kept at a respectable distance hand on his holstered gun!

Thank you for your efforts.


And all obey and few inquire his will.- Fine then, but I would use 'question' now.
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