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[General] A question about the possession.

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Jun 13, 2010
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I have several problems using the possession in English.
I have been told that it wasn't possible to say : "the forest's heart" but "the forest of the heart".

But I have recently viewed something like "the forest's cold heart".
I think it's not correct but I'm not totally sure because there is an adjective (cold) just before the noun (heart).
So, is it really possible to talk about "the forest's cold heart" :lol: or have I to say "the cold heart of the forest" ?

An other question is : why isn't there a "'s" in "an animal spirit".
Isn't it the spirit of an animal ?
I don't understand this point because "animal" isn't an adjective and I'm almost sure it's not possible to say "the forest cold heart"... but correct me if I'm wrong!

I know what I am asking here will seems very easy for some persons but I hope I'll find some answers ;)
thank you in advance ;-)


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Apr 17, 2009
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"Animal" is a noun and an adjective.
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