An article on bhopal Gas tragedy..please check

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May 5, 2008
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We encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FBI) in our country and will always roll out sops for all foreign investors. You come to our country and do the business the way you want, no one will make in your way. You can leak the poisonous gas in the air, let thousands grasp for breath, and whoever survive such tragedy, let their generation be handicap forever, we don’t care. We only care for Cash Flow in Bank. Oh! Let me tell you straight - You give us Kickbags and we will make sure no one in this country dares to kick your butt. We have left so many loopholes in the judiciary that you can get easily out of vortex of legality. Then We will make a save passage for you to move out of our country. If still you get trapped in it by the stupid efforts of human rights group, nothing to worry - we will announce commission to enquiry about the incident and may be hand over the case to CBI if more pressure mount on us. This CBI is nothing but a puppet, which would conduct the case the way we want it. The case would be easily dragged for 25 years. And we assure you the most heinous crime you commit, the least punishment would be deliver to you. Action speaks for itself – 25,000 people lost their lives to Bhopal Gas tragedy and after 25 years all the accused get only 2 years jail terms and they are instantly out on bail by paying amount equivalent to poor’s 1 years earnings.

Sops are basically tax-free benefits, other incentives to attract investors..

Thanks for your valuable time to read my article and rectify my silly mistakes

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