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Sep 16, 2009
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Choose one of these topics and write an article (300-350 words):
“Describe your own favourite hobby or sport, explaining its attractions and drawbacks.”

Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines which have their origins in India. Yoga treats people as an entirety and helps to harmonise their body, mind, consciousness and spirit. Healthy body and mentality are necessary in advanced practice of yoga. For some people it is a way to keep fit and have more energy at a daily routine. For others yoga might become a life philosophy which gives a key to their problems and mixed feelings, as well as develops their spirituality.
Yoga is associated with meditative practices in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Each of them describes a significant group of branches, their ideas and messages. Moreover they play different roles in every culture and religion. However, what cannot be denied, for all of them yoga creates the system of values and makes the sense of life.
In west world, in the second half of the XX century, it appeared as the answer for people seeking peace, new values or even an escape from crazy modern world. Nowadays in every bigger European city we can find qualified yoga schools or private teachers. The most popular branch is Hatha Yoga. Its system contains moral discipline, purification, physical postures (asana), poses, yogic breathing, and meditation. However people concentrated mostly on their healthy and fit body choose and practice only physical postures and yogic breathing.
For me, like for most people who have ever tried to absorb this exotic eastern philosophy, yoga became the most suitable solution for various difficulties. First of all, it has beneficial influence on our back which, very often, is in terrible condition because of our lifestyle (all day in front of the computer!). What’s more, usually this 60 or 90 minutes are the only time during our busy day or week when we have possibility to relax, stay in peace, think about our needs and calm ruined nerves. All this advantages might motivate you to make the first step and try yoga. Good luck!
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