Assigning Google Docs on Google Classroom: Can I preload comments?


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Apr 13, 2020
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Hi, new member here. I'm hoping some Google Classroom guru might know how I can assign a pre-created packet that has my comments already loaded (for hints, explanations, definitions etc.) I also need each student to be able to work on their own copy of the assignment, with the comments viewable as soon as they begin.

The comments are entered and show up fine in my drive on my copy. I am trying to make these comments viewable TO STUDENTS FROM THE FIRST TIME THEY OPEN IT.

What I've tried:
- "each student receives a copy": Students can write and edit their own copy, but none of my pre-created comments appear for them
- "students can view": Students can see my comments, but can only write comments themselves, which are then viewable by all students (i.e. they can't write on the doc)
- "students can edit": obviously this doesn't work since then there is only one document shared by me and all the students.

Is there an answer, or a workaround? I'm thinking no, and searching google has been no help, so I thought I'd try here as a last hope. Google Classroom pros, you're my only hope!