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Business letter works cited

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Nancy W.

I just came across this website while 'googling' my issue. Someone else asked this question and was told they would not like the answer they received. The question is, when writing a business letter, if your instructions say to look up how to cite your sources in MLA format because you will need to list them at the end of your letter, do they mean a separate page of Works Cited as you would normally do at the end of a research paper? When the other person asked a similar question, the replay was that they had never seen a separate works cited page, only in text citations. I would have thought that is what my professor meant, except for the comment about it being at the end of the letter. I would ask him directly, but need to know tonight and wouldn't be able to get an answer back that quickly. (It's an online class)

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Mar 12, 2007
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I have written many, many business letters in my life and never once have I cited anything. This is a very bizarre assignment!
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