Do or does the fog and the rain affects the animals? Please correct my essay. thanks.

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Mar 10, 2010
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Does the fog and the rain affects the animals? Please correct my essay. thanks.

Earlier I saw a topic on this form so I decided to write it. Does the fog and the rain affect the animals? My is at least 300 words. I would say does. I have an introduction an middle and a conclusion. I'm not sure if the conclusion is right though. Can any teachers help me? Thanks. Can you grade it and see what I will get for this essay. Thanks.


Topic: Humans and animals are almost alike, but not even close. The animals also have five instincs. They’re five instincs are smell, see, taste, touch and able to hear. Us humans also have these five instinc. Sometimes at night the animal can not see clear if the world around them is foggy. So the most important instinic is to see and and hear.

Middle: Animals are just like humans? There are reasons why. At night when it is foggy we need to turn on the heat in the car and the head lights to be able to see clear ahead of us. The animal is just the samething. When it is dark and foggy the animals can not catch its prey. If an animal crossed the street during the fog, the car can hit the animal and kill it. In order to survive out in the world the animals have to be able to find food for itself. Sames as humans. We need to work and make some money in order to have money to feed to the families we have. We have to wait until the fog clears and to be able to see again.

Middle: When we go out during the rain we need some kind of cover to protect ourselves from the rain so we won’t get sick. Then when it is thundering we need to stay inside until the storm is clear again and be able to see. The animals in the forest is the samething. In order for them to keep dry they need to find some kind of shelter to protect themselves from the storm. The storm is very dangerous to the animals sometime. Sometimes they can get shock or washed away by thunder and lightening.

Conclusion:There are many ways that fog and rain affects the animals. If the people asked me I would agreed to them. Because the animals are almost like us. They got brain, power and smart enough to surive out in the world.
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