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Sep 28, 2009
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Strolling amongst pages called Internet, could have many stories behind. But what makes you procure a salvation of knowledge is not the internet…..
Actually the data included in is very important. Blogging, Text chat, video and audio and… all are the features of the internet. Assume if the illegal downloads were not available then how much the things would differ?????
If erotic behaviours of the internet at least were controlled, surely it would be a nicer place. But this is not all.56.000.000 illegal copies of the files were downloaded in year 2008.It’s not a normal amount….It’s awful….
There is no day or night, data are always with you….waiting for someone to pick them up. Revealing your interest to new people makes you an addict. You like chatting…you don’t know why?!? You just like new people.
As the internet is a virtual place, so the emotions are not mostly authentic, and are temporary. Communication websites are a place for you to fit yourself to someone.
Artists could exhibit their works easily, but have a detailed look over these nice features we face something destructive. Just look how artless are such works? I don’t know if I should call them artwork or work!! Because neither are possible. There is no art to call them artwork and not much attempt for creating them, to call them work! Simple artless works with a few clicks to share them, to introduce you to a world, whose people are just waiting for someone who is gaining fame.
Share?!!? Yes this tool in internet has many good and bad consequences following it. It easily reveals the people’s life!
One of those unpleasant effects of the internet is the power it has to change common language and then changing the people’s culture, just like our permanent Box TV. And we are waiting to change. Why? Because we are used to think in the way that others like to. We do not make any decision about our route of life!
Internet Is good…I love it…I live with it….But despite the worthless Facts.
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I would get rid of the ??? ?!? ...... punctuation. This sort of thing may be OK for adverts, but it makes articles very difficult to read. The exclamation mark should be used very rarely- about once a month is enough IMO.

56.000.000 illegal copies of the files were downloaded in year 2008.It’s not a normal amount

Where does this statistic come from? No one really has much idea of how many files are downloaded illegally- estimates vary enormously.
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