[General] How to speak with Neutral Accent?

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Oct 8, 2008
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Probably depends on where you were brought up! We all tend to speak with the accent of our parents and friends.

It is not difficult to change an accent, if you wish (and if you are transplanted to another area of the world). I had a strong Southwest American accent when I moved to Canada. It wasn't long until I dropped the H in Vehicle and the R out of Wash, kicked the WEE out of Employee and Queue out of Coupon, began making Route rhyme with boot (instead of out), and even put a Shh into Schedule.

Harder was learning how to spell all over again! I once lost a grade school spelling bee for putting a middle E in judgement - I had to change my citizenship to prove I was right all along! But the grey/gray, traveler/traveller, pajamas/pyjamas, check/cheque, stuff I just wasn't expecting! I thought the differences would be limited to colour/color and centre/center! Thank God I didn't have to swing all the way to kerb (curb) and gaol (jail), or I might have headed back home!

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Feb 20, 2010
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Neutral accent is an accent which is globally understood, it differs from the regular accents which are spoken in individuals motherlands like the American, British, Indian, Russian, Australian… etc.. Now when you pay attention to the examples which I have given above each accent varies a lot from each other,they have thick accents, a normal guy doesn't understand completely what a urban scottish guy says [Because its very fast n has strong accent ,its different from the london accent.....actually the British Empire has 4 countries >>1. England, 2.Scotland, 3.Ireland, 4.Whales] so you need a neutral accent to be more easy to be understood by others.

You dont know ur accent perfectly [ I mean 100% here] unless you listen to your spoken tapes....so record ur accent and check how does it sound like.... You have to get rid of your thick local accents to groom into neutral accent. Even you can listen to videos from youtube.. like Neutralaccent.com | An accent the world understands

Its quite easy, all you need is a lot of intrest because learning languages or anything related to it should be done with lot of intrest,fun towards it.
I recommed you to do these following things....listen to bbc news, speak with different people, foreigners, your own countrys people but from different regions......this makes you to adjust speaking in a way which can be understood by one and all.
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