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Jan 21, 2016
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Nowadays trend of listening music has increased enormous. Some people think that traditional music of any nation is very important and an identity of that nation where as, many people who believe that international music is more effective for any nation.
Today, there is a lot of varieties in the music and these varieties are continuously increasing day by day, for instance folk music is mostly found in Asian countries specially in the south Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, where as, the pop music and rap songs have initially started from Europe and America .
The most important question which occur is why we need music or what is the importance of music in our life?
One of the main reason for listening music is that it give us relaxation when we are in trouble, in depression or want some relaxation from any tough situation. Secondly, music make a person more calm and tension free, so after listening the song the person is in more control to get back to work with more energy and with more passion.
Traditional music of any nation has more importance for that nation for instance if we look in Pakistan or south Asian countries people play their own native songs in their functions, birthday parties and in wedding parties rather than playing English or ay other songs. Moreover, the national songs are also the identity of any nation, these music represent the culture of that nation, so music of any society should be promoted by that society and it should be kept at an asset.
On the other hand international music also have some importance in the society the main reason which i give to support the above argument is people came to know the music of other culture and enjoy the types of music of different societies.
After viewing above discussion it would lead me to conclude on the note that music is very important in life, moreover, cultural music has much importance than other international music and it should be preserved as an asset.

I have only one week , next saturday there is my IELTS test, please guide my can i get 6 bands on this essay? and if no what can I do to get 6 bands.
I have written almost 20 to 30 essays. Please guide me guys properly
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