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Mar 1, 2008
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I have tried to write some defining and non-defining sentences as an exercise. Would you please correct my mistakes?

1. Today I met Martin, who I have known for years, and he told me he was going on holiday to Spain.
2. The food and wine in a restaurant were bad, and we had to complain to the head waiter, who suddenly went to the kitchen and shouted at the chef.
3. The young woman who was injured in an accident was unable to speak from shock.
4. People threw insults at the man who kicked his dog, apparently for no reason in the park.
5. I went to the old house which had been turned into a town museum.
6. The paintings donated by the well-known painter who spent his last days in the town, hung in many town's buildings.
7. Peter's old guitar, which followed him everywhere, now lies beside him in his grave.
8. The expensive violin that a musician lost in the train, has finally been found.
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I would probably change the word order of 4 to:

People threw/hurled/shouted insults at the man who, seemingly without reason, kicked his dog in the park.
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