need help: making a letter for an industrial visit

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Feb 24, 2010
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hi, i'm newcomer and also new learner..
and really, my english is really-really baaad..:-(

here, I was assign to make a formal letter to factory for permission for an industrial visit to see for ourselves on how the machine works and their process..
I was hoping for some help how to start the letter, of course in english.. haha..

in advance, thank you for your time and hopefully will get some help shortly.

yours sincerely


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Mar 27, 2009
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Dear Sirs:

I am a (your job title) at (name of your company) where we (describe your company's process, operation or product).

Several of our company's representatives would be interested in visiting your company, in particular because of your reputation and to observe first hand your machine operations and processes. In return, your representatives would be welcome to visit our company for the same purpose.

You can contact me with your decision and if favorable, we can arrange a date which would be mutually acceptable.

Hoping for a favorable response, I am

(Name, Address, Tel.)
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