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Apr 27, 2010
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firstly i need thank tedtmc for checking my last two essays. your comments are very enlightening to me:up:

here is another essay on a balanced diet. thanks in advance~

[FONT=&#23435]A balanced diet, or eating balanced meals, is the key to a healthy life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.[/FONT]

The increasing living standard has allowed people to give more attention to health. Some people assert that a healthy body is the key to one’s wellbeing. As far as I am concerned, there have been both merits and demerits regarding to this standpoint.

No one can deny the fact that a healthy diet is one of the imperative factors contributing to people’s wellbeing. Malnutrition is still among the top causes of death in some impoverished countries in Africa, where there has never been adequate food distributed to each households. Lack of essential vitamins or some minerals can lead to severe consequences, even death. Nevertheless, surfeit and overfeeding of junk food are not desirable for people as well. Nowadays, a considerable number of people are plagued with obesity and cardiovascular diseases, most of which are resulted from overeating or improper diet. Thus, a balanced diet will help people lead a healthy life.

Admittedly, a sound diet is not the sole influence on people’s health. There have been a myriad of other factors synthesized with a deliberate diet plan, which are related to the fitness maintenance. Not only can regular exercise significantly boost the function of heart and lung, thereby alleviating the risk of heart attack, but also can burn off excessive fat in our body to keep us in good shape. Besides exercise, good health is a corollary of having good habits as well. It is generally acknowledged that no smoking and no binge drinking will certainly help avoid a host of unwanted outcomes to our health.

In conclusion, I concede that a sound diet is critical to our physical wellbeing. Nonetheless, there are many other factors to keep our body functioning well. Therefore, we should utilize the synergy of all these factors to lead a healthy life.
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