[Vocabulary] What do connecting, meet and agents mean?

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Apr 25, 2008
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Dear all.
I saw words "connecting and agents" in the following sentence,
an announcement about flights.
We hope you have had a pleasant and enjoyable flight, and we'd like to thank you for flying Air USA today. Please remain in your seat until the plane has come to a complete and final stop at the gate. If you have any questions about connecting flights, please see the Air USA agents who will meet our flight. On behalf of Captain Tom Brown and the rest of the crew, thanks again for flying Air USA!
I havn't been understanding "connecting flights, meet and agents" in this context. If some one know please give me an explanation.
I'm expecting for your reply.
Your sincerely



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Oct 19, 2006
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Connecting flights - two flights that are scheduled so that passengers may arrive on one and transfer to the other to complete their journey.

ASIR-USA Agents = those people employed by the airline to supervise and assist passengers on their journey.

meet our flight - what it says. The agent will be waiting at the incoming flight gate to offer such advice and assistance as is needed by the passengers.
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