Poll: Does 'coffee' have a plural?

Does 'coffee' have a plural?

It depends on the context.

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Magdalena Zajac

The coffee you drink doesn't have a plural, but the coffee that coffee dealers exchange has one: arabica coffees, robusta coffees, highland coffees....

Michael Jaques

'Coffee', either in its base form or as the prepared beverage, is 'uncountable' (like beer, water, sand, rice, light, air, etc) - but like the other examples, becomes 'countable' when it is put into a 'countable container', such as a cup, jar or a bottle. Then you can say, for example '"may we have two coffees, please"? . . .

Wilson Thilakaratna

Sugar, coffee etc are uncountable nouns.However, when talk about different kinds of coffee, we can make it plural as same as foods.

Wilson Thilakaratna

I agree with both Zajac and Jaques


Let's not make this more complicated than it is. The answer is very simply yes. How many coffees did you have this morning? I had five and two juices. The coffee shop offers seven different coffees. Turkish, Greek, Irish, etc., Latte, Cappuccino, etc., Arabica, robusta, etc., etc., etc.

flying dutchman

It depends on the context. If we are speaking about several sorts of coffee, we are talking about coffees (of several origins, ...)

Tesafa Gesese

It is interesting. Please continue like this I apriciate you. God bless you about your activity. Thank you.

Salif ZONO

Coffee is like water. Can we have the plural of it? I don't think so.


'Waters' exists, so the conclusion to draw from your answer is that 'coffee' does have a plural.


coffee is a plant. "Two coffee's, please! No sugar!"


Why wouldn't it?


I'll have 2 coffees please


"May we have two cups of coffee, please?"


Coffee is the plural form.
"How much coffee did you drink this morning?"
"I'll have a couple cups of coffee to go."
"Wow, that's a lot of different types of coffee in those crates!"

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