Poll: A phrase where the words contradict each other like 'living death' is...

A phrase where the words contradict each other like 'living death' is...

an oxymoron
a tautology
a palindrome

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I used to play this game with my young son when we were on holiday. His suggestion: "Camping holiday."


I think your son has given the really correct answer. Award him a grade A. ;-))))))))


When two otherwise similar or synoymous words are used in a somewhat complementary manner to such a degree that the said combination makes a somewhat paradoxical meaning,such is said to be an \example of "oxymoron"...unlike tautology,which can be defined as the repetition of two or more words that should be alternatively used and whose combination makes no semantic sense.Palindrome,on the other hand,is a word the reads the same read from weat to east and from east to west.....dangerous safety(oxymoron)...reason why(tautology)...nun(palinedrome)


as in 'rap music,' perhaps?


It's surely not a palindrome because living death can be very different from dead life. I am reminded of one South Park Halloween episode, the one with Korn, where they argued over the difference between "Pirate Ghost", and "Ghost Pirate". Here is what they said "Pirate Ghost would suggest that a pirate died and became a ghost, but a Ghost Pirate is a ghost that later made a concious decision to be a pirate." Thus it cannot be a palindrome.


sorry to say but this is not the sight that i was looking for so... if you don't have it DONT pop up please!!!

James Matshubeng

yes it is oxymoron ,e.g "coutry music" .
James Matshubeng


An example of an oxymoron: jumbo shrimp, dodge ram and so on. So, living death iS, in fact, an oxymoron


Stuff as in - Bitter sweet, jumbo shrimp, boneless ribs, born dead, barely dressed, and balding hair. Are they good? (:


Government intelligence.
Friendly fire.


The movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close mentions it. I found it interesting.


oxymoron is an oxymoron

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