Poll: Standard English is the best English.

Standard English is the best English.

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why are we looking fo sterility??
the standardization of the language, sadly enough, will sooner take away vineyards and the colour from the language leaving just simple and mere cement.


Standard forms do have a wider coverage, so they have their time and place. There's not much point in learning Cockney Rhyming Slang if you are a Finn who does a lot of business in Brazil and uses English as a common language.



I agree with your points. I think the problem is the term 'best' which implies a heirarchy. It may well be the most useful or widely understood, but that doesn't make it 'better'. There's n o moral high ground, IMO. ;-)


It's what I like best.


standard english is the best

deutscher michel


It's the most widely understood, so it has the edge for me.


Standard English is a good tool for communication but lacks the individualities, the quirks, the emotional qualities, the history and the passion of dialect English. It depends on context, really. Newsreading demands standard English, but telling a fairy story doesn't.


The best English is standard English,but the inverse is false,because the best English includes others besides standard.


Standard english, as I know it, is how any American speaks, who is not from New York, New England, somewhere between N. Carlolina and Texas, or with a foreign accent.

Is usingenglish.com a UK based website?


There should be a strong adherance to the use of a standard english to build a better generation yet to come really a shame to hear people wrongly using I was an you was

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