Poll: Which is more formal?

Which is more formal?

If I was you....
If I were you....

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I think 'were' is always more formal that 'was'.


"were" is the subjunctive in this case, and hence even the corrrect form.


They're both correct- 'was' is more comon. I recommend using 'were' in formal writing because it is seen by many of its users as 'more correct'; so make them happy. ;-)


"Were" is definitely more formal.


Was is not at all correct!! People use "was" because they don't know how to speak their own language! For the record, "If I were you, I'd learn how to speak English."


Thoroughly agree with andy


You may agree, but Andy is expressing an opinion and not a fact. The sheer numbers of native speakers who use 'was' means that either is acceptable,and ESL exams accept both. ;-)


"Were" is formal and correct. "Was" is informal and certainly not incorrect


"Were" is formal and correct. "Was" is informal and correct.

Dr M

Were is correct, period. Using "was" is like using "ain't;" you'll communictate your point -- and your ignorance.

Wilson Thilakaratna

'was' is British and 'were' is American. Both are correct but were is now widely used.

hlaing htoo

if l were you, i'd learn how to speak english.


It is Past Subjunctive, and for all the persons singular and plural it is "were".

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