Poll: The team ___ doing well.

The team ___ doing well.



Tim Ratelle

How many teams are there?


One team, but a number of members. In British English we happily use singular and plural for collective nouns. 'Police' is an exception, where we always use the plural.


with a singular team I'd go for the singular.


I couldn't care.


hey wat is the use of the questions ur displaying


It depends on whether the team (government, company) etc is being considered as a single entity or as a group. But it's important, in any one piece of writing, to decide one way or the other.

Leo Girard

In America teams are considered a singular; in Britain, plural. The English side are playing well against France today. Usuallt France play better.


i would say both "is" & "are" are correct, because it could be :
The team ( as a whole) is doing well.
or The team ( members) are doing well.


Fenerbahce are the champion.(team should always be used plural)


'Team' is a singular collective term for a group of people. The same as a 'company'. If team is a plural, then why do you say "A team"? You don't say "A cars" or "A companies". Don't be ridiculous, 'team' is singular, end of story. The team IS doing well.

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