Poll: Which spelling system makes more sense?

Which spelling system makes more sense?


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I'm English, but American spelling makes more sense to me because it is more phonetic. However, I don't use it.


A non-question - they differ trivially and the differenecs have little to do with prounciation - compare canadian and Australian spelling


becuase the british once are more better fo example troussers the americans call it pants if someone eg.ghana hears this word he will say it the regular pant he wears and he will say it is an insolt


English did not originate in American. Standards must be upheld.


No, English did not originate in American.

I suggest you uphold your own standards before telling others to uphold them. :D


Presumably you meant, "I suggest you uphold your own standards before telling others to uphold theirs." ;)

Americans speak a dialect of English, which includes phonetic spelling. I believe English in other countries is suffering because of the wealth of cultural influence of the USA since WWII.


English is called English for a reason. The Americans need the simple way of spelling so that it does not hurt their tiny little minds

Tim Parker

It does not mean it is correct, though, if you speak British/English!


Silly question. Each national group of users has a right to standardise its usage. Most American spellings reflect the common spellings used in England in earlier centuries. Shakespeare's printers spelled it without a 'u' Love's Labor's Lost, if you recall. However, the British spelling of 'judgement'--with a first 'e' makes more sense to me. Anyway, most people don't even notice these days.


Hey alphahale, shut up! This isn't your stupid fanboy forums where you can start a thread about how stupid americans are.

I think that England English sounds better/more propper. But I guess if you think about it we do say things more phonetically.


American but English spelling is so messed up as it is that it doesn't make much of a difference. Besides, I think British English looks prettier: colour, theatre, banque, etc. :3


i think british english is more easier...


American use short spell, so that it becomes easier to learn spell for them. But sometime we can't understand its pronunciation. British is so easier than American.

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