Poll: Will English ever break up into different languages the way Latin did?

Will English ever break up into different languages the way Latin did?


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It already is!


With all the known varieties of English and with all the changes that have come about, I'd say it already has. However, English may not be breaking up in the same way Latin did.


I was talkinga bout this with friends the other day. I was thinking maybe that the three or four extreme accents might just become their own language that would be really hard for others to understand. Like ebonics (southern(american) ghetto speak).

bRiTtAny :)

I really really think that English is already breaking up into different languages. It is used differentley all over.


I think not; there prevalence of American English from the internet and TV/films definitely has an impact on other types of English, at least 'British' English, since I can observe it, even in myself at times.

I do wish they would just call that language 'American', though. XD

Very good question.


I think even if English ever breaks up into different languages, nobody will see the difference as now there are so many people, all over the world speaking it some correctly other not that much.. and still when they meet can understand each other (somehow ..hehe) For me English is the universal language!


It's already broken up into different dialects!


It already HAS.
Listen to speech in African nations and the Caribbean and you can already hear the distinctions.

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