Poll: Do you speak Standard English?

Do you speak Standard English?


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  • Added: May 2004



i study english but i wuold like learn more and better english.an important think is i need learn autethic material for listen.thank.

mini me

i do speak standard english. i would like to teach the world to speak english like we all did. i think we sould yet speak it again.


By standard English do you mean without a Southern, Spanish, English, Boston, or any accent? Like you would hear from anyone who lives in the US and Canadian West?


i wanna speak standard english i can write but i cant speak it confidently so guys give me some advices.


most of the people in the world think that they speak standard English. Although they think so there are so much things more in Standard English..
Standard English is not only speaking fluently. It is more than we think of. If you find there would be so much things you are missing on your discipline English.
it is not a language the English language is only a part of the world English.


My accent is good but the problem is that i use simple words and not difficult ones means i don't make sentence with complicated word. I wish to use new words with meanings at right place.

Fannie Y Barzee

I want to speak standard English, i can write but i can't speak it confidently.


practice is the only way to imorove our confidence to speak in any language.

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