Poll: "What in blue blazes?!" How often do you use this phrase?

"What in blue blazes?!" How often do you use this phrase?

All the time

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Miriam Wagner

I'm trying to find the derivation of this
expression. I was hiking recently and following the blue blazes. Is that where the expression arose with someone following ble blazes?


I heard that it and other expressions with 'blue' (blue murder) come from French.


I always use 'what in the world?'


ehh...I usually use "what da ----" or "OMG" but nvr this expression...


I always use this.
Unfortunately the younger generation has resorted to using (OMG) or less intelligent language.....makes me embarrassed to be part of that generation.


Also, Scotty, people used oh my god before this generation. Charlton Heston said it in a handful of his movies.


you know scotty, "what in blue blazes" doesnt actually make any sense. theres nothing intelligent about it at all. whats wrong with omg anyway?


hells bells! It's an amusing expression!


My daughter is hiking the Pinhoti trail in Alabama and there are blue blazes on that part of the trail. When night starts to fall, it is nearly impossible to find your way. My guess is that the phrase 'What in blue blazes' comes from someone who has lost their way by trying to use blue blazes at dusk or later. Thus when someone says something that in unclear, the hearer is lost - like a hiker on a blue-blazed trail after dark.


I picture some old hermit of the mountains (voiced by Pat Buttram) saying this.


Blazes is a reference to Hell and in a fire you will see blue flames. Blue in this case is just an intensifier. And because of the alliteration it makes for a more colourful (no pun intended) phase.
It makes sense to me anyway and I use it all the time. Even my 6 year old son does to express consternation.


Blue blazes are used to indicate connecting trails to a larger trail or between two trails. So, if you're using them, you are lost, not going a traditional route or taking the long way home.


Paege, OMG is considered blasphemy and breaking the 3rd commandment. Just answering your question. Not looking for an argument.

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