Poll: He put a bullet through his head.

He put a bullet through his head.


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Silvia Plath

Wouldn't suicide be 'he put a bullet through his own head'?


His is possessive. One only has one head, one's own. Of course it's suicide.


Alexander is right.


It could be either though. Depends on the context :s


It's murder to me.

Jotter Scalems

But what if the shot isn't lethal? ;-)


If it was 'her' head it would be murder but this could be either


Since this is using pronouns which are very indirect, it could be either. But what I first think of when I read the sentence is suicide.


There are no antecedents given for the two pronouns, so there is no way of knowing if "he" and "his" refers to the same person. Since this is unknown, suicide could be an incorrect answer if the pronouns refer to two different people. Murder is correct in either case because suicide is just a specific form of murder.


This sentence is a bit ambiguous as there could be two people involved in the situation. He, the murderer, put a bullet through his, the victems, head. I chose the suicide option because it was the most appropriate one with the information given


We don't have enough information to know for sure, but as written it sggests suicide.


For goodness sake! It could be either. It's just that most of us who see the two "he's" outside of any context immediately think suicide.

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