Poll: Can you start a paragraph with "however"?

Can you start a paragraph with "however"?


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Why on earth not?


yes you can, however, it would preferable, and in my opinion, it would give a classy touch if placed two or three words later.


It would be difficult to start a text with 'however' as a conjunct, but you could easily start 'However + adjective\adverb'.

Jillian Ehlrich

You cannot start a sentence with "however," because instead you would put a comma or semi colon.


yeah u can!!!
however many apples you eat you will still get ill!


mmmm... apples...


Of course you can. The paragraph that starts with "However", "Nonetheless", et cetera can be a supporting/contradicting paragraph to the previous one, which contains a certain fact, idea or opinion.


However you slice it, the english language allows many interpretations of its rules. ;)


Yeah...way to go, Cheesesux!


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No, b'cuz however is another conjunction for but. It is supposed to link stuff that are different or contrasting or irony.


Know it is not a good word because you are talking about "however" what you would be starting a new paragraph and the reader would not know what you are saying.


Yes, I was mistaken here in voting "no." It is incorrect to use however followed by a comma at the beginning of the sentence, but it can be correct as part of a phrase.

Example (wrong!): I like ice cream. However, ice cream can be too cold.
Example (right): I like ice cream. However cold it may be, I can always eat it.


u can never start a paragraph with a however


However ...


I'm writing a paper right now and am thinking about whether or not I can in fact use however to start a paragraph because I want to show a relationship between the last paragraph and the next. Although I do know that you can definitely start a sentence with however, I'm not exactly sure about using the word however to start a paragraph.


Yes you can, preferably when you're writing an essay or assignmet which involves argumental issues. You could be ending a paragraph like this "...which plato defined as a difinitive piece of morality" then you would start of the next paragraph saying "However this philosopher..."

Add me

I believe "however" can be used in a subsequent paragraph to show a link with the preceding paragraph. However... it would not make sense in the first paragraph or sentence of a story or a written piece.


However is a post-positive, which means that it must follow closely some preceding hought. Thus, it is wrong to place it at the start of a new paragraph. In such matters, it is better to stay within the limits of grammar rather than to distract the reader with borderline cases.


yeah , of course you can , why couldn't you?


duhhhhh yes you could and suppose to.......anybody who put no needs help


yes in fact you can star a paragraph with the word however because it is a transitional word....for example it may be used when you are writing an essay contrasting things. so when u start a new paragraph u say however [[its like saying on the other hand]].

U N Owen

You can start a paragraph with whatever you want! This is a free country after all, freedom of speech and press!


Put the question differently: should you break a paragraph before a "however"?




However you slice it, there are a couple of times when the word "however" can start a sentence.


When writing an essay you are encouraged to provide both supporting and contrasting ideas. Most of the time, an aiding point is long enough so as to define a paragraph by itself. Then, a contradictory thought is expected for a logical structure of your essay. This is your chance to start a paragraph with a well-known word such as "however" to introduce a surprising or different piece of information.


yes u can. u can use it to add dramatic effect to ur article.

Ali F

'However' is not a conjunction and cannot be used in place of the word 'but'. People who say otherwise are simply misinformed. Just Google 'however is not a conjunction'.

It is normally used at the beginning of a sentence, and that includes the first of a new paragraph.




I mean, yeah I know you could but is it correct to write "However" followed by a comma to start a new paragraph comparing it to the last one [paragraph].

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