Poll: Do you use the word 'whom'?

Do you use the word 'whom'?

Yes - (Native Speaker)
No - (Native Speaker)
Yes - (Non-Native Speaker)
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Whom is obsolescent, surely.


But I try hard not to mess around with phrasal verbs. It seems to me that "With whom did you get on" sounds over-cautious. In this case I'd say 'Who did you get on with'.



Hopefully, not!


Whom, is a cave man word like thy, shalt and dost.

Simon Byrne

Cave man?

Leo Girard

So Ernest H. wrote "The bell tolls for who?". There are times when whom (obsolescent for careless speakers) is so much more elegant.


When 'whom' is correct in a sentence, 'who' is NOT (and vice-versa). It is not elegant, it is simply correct or incorrect. It is certainly not obsolescent. I'm amazed that so many people could view these as merely optional to one another.


What's wrong with whom. Can it no longer be used because you all think it's ancient? Here in the Philippines, it's function is taught that 'who' and 'whom' will be used the ways they should be. I don't think of it as obsolete.


yapp... many times i hv used this word.....


"Whom" can only be used with objects and NOT with subjects. With subjects "who" is the correct word.

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