Poll: Dear Sir or Madam....

Dear Sir or Madam....

Yours sincerely
Yours faithfully
No difference

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At school, we were taught (by Miss Burnam, who was very fierce, and with whom you did not argue, even if you were God) that "sincerely" is used when, in the slalutation, you identify by name the person you are writing to. On the other hand, "faithfully" is used when you do NOT use the person's name in the salutation. I use whatever comes to mind - but that's only because Miss Burnam is now dead.


I cannot imagine expressing "faithfulness" to one whose name I do not know.


I wouldn't use it ever.


Eeww, saying "faithfully" makes it sound like you're married. I agree with Colyn, I just say whatever comes to mind. And I had a teacher exactly like that. She was the wicked witch of the west(wing).


great comment, colyn. hilarious.

though i agree with intrepid. i am not faithful to someone i do not know.


yours faithfully is a strong contender but yours sincerely is also used and accepted..so i vote for no difference.anyone welcome to differ but with reasons..


Miss Burnam was spot on :)

S Daly

Miss Burnam was a very good teacher. There is ONLY one correct answer her - yours faithfully is used if you if you do not know the person.

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