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Can't bad language be good English?


i've put down bad language, yet i did this just to get to the comments, for i do not think the is niether bed nor ggod, is just a way to one's expression, wht i mean is, it depends from the situation i'd rather slangit when i'm with me mates, whereas, if I am in front of a prof I shall try to use all the aulicism possible... hence it depends.


What's 'aulicism'?


Actually there should have been other options int this poll, I think it's too hard to choose between these two extremes.

Bad Language

Extreme positions make you think


Each and everyone of you gives me a headache. In order to communicate properly you need to speak English. I don't know whether or not to laugh at you or pity you and sign you up for adult education program.


Slang is Americanized English. It's accepted worldwide so who are we to say anything against it?


for italianbro's aulicism, cf. italian 'aulico' meaning 'noble', 'dignified'


slang isn't always bad and that ways aterrible camment english slang is there own langue that's doesn't have a dictionary


This is dumb. It's of course isn't "good english." But that doesn't mean its bad language. How lame.

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