Poll: She's rather old-fashioned and ____.

She's rather old-fashioned and ____.




why do you do randomm polls


your old fashioned


To afd...if you mean "you are old-fashioned"...use "you're"! "Your" is the 2nd person possessive pronoun, as in "your car" or "your computer". This is one of the most common errors in English, and it is becoming increasingly (and annoyingly) prevalent. It's the education system...stupid! Now that you know, you can at least avoid looking stupid yourself!


In at least one case "stayed" could be correct! Perhaps, due to emergency repairs being carried out to the 17th Centruy hotel, she was given the option of staying or being moved to the nearby modern hotel. However ... "she's rather old fashioned and stayed" ...


Moonman gets a GOLD star. I, too, am annoyed at sloppy English usage. (Perhaps that is a sloppy sentence.) Particularly with the the three words "healthful", "healthy", and "healthily".


I like pdecaux's imagination!

Jotter Scalems

I also voted stayed for the same reason as pdecaux. Must be the disaster movies, where you always have an old-fashioned person staying behind. ;-)

Secsee Devil

Either caaaaannn be used... Depending on what the women is doing... Is she staying at her sons for abit longer? then it is stayed... Is she staying in bed and resting? Then it's staid..

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