Poll: Last Friday, a summons and complaint ____ filed.

Last Friday, a summons and complaint ____ filed.

Either could be used.

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Use "was" if there is no indefinite article ("a") before "complaint". Otherwise, use "were".


"Was" can only be correct if "summons and complaint" refers to a singular subject i.e. they are one and the same legal document, or both essential parts of a single legal process. As this most unlikely (I have never heard of such a singular legal reference), I respectfully suggest that 16 of you are quite incorrect. "Were" is the correct form here.

Counselor & Attorney

Actually, a summons and complaint IS part of a single legal filing, i.e., the initiation of a lawsuit. BOTH are filed (concurrently) when the lawsuit is first filed, but an amended complaint can be filed later without having to also file another summons.


As I recall from my school days, it should read "a summons and a complaint' clearly indicating two filings.

Judge Pickles

It's a single filing.


It's clearly 'were' because we have two things-summons and complaint. If 'is' is used, referring to only a complaint, then what happened to the summons?


I feel 'were' is correct because summons and complaint are two but technically a lawyer and consultants comment may be right being expert in his field.


The correct response is "was" because they are referred to as one thing, like pen and paper or bacon and eggs.


well, it's about sth+sth else it means that it is quit clear that we've a plural form that's why we only use Were.

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