Poll: The penguins look as if they ____ wearing tuxedos.

The penguins look as if they ____ wearing tuxedos.




its 'are' because its in present tense, otherwise 'look' would be 'looked'


Most people chose "are"? The penguins are NOT wearing tuxedos. What is the 'as if" for?


It's not a conditional


I agree that this is not conditional or subjunctive. Otherwise, it would be were.


They really can look that way, so it's not a statement contrary to reality. Use "are" , not "were" in this sentence. They are not wearing tuxedos, but they appear to be - really.


Actually, this is a case of the use of the present tense replacing the use of the subjunctive in English. We rarely use the subjunctive now, which explains why it sounds so "off" to our ears. However, according to traditional grammar, I believe that "were" would be the correct choice. Just because this may be the case, it doesn't mean that now "are" is not a good alternative. It is in fact what most of us would actually say.


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