Poll: Which language skill is the most important?

Which language skill is the most important?

They're all equally important.

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It looks good to speak well, I don't disregard its importants. But one should know how to listen and understand to be able to speak the right response. Or else you'll talk nonsense.


Easy. Which skill would you take if you could only take one. Yeah, thought so.


I totally agree to "roots": quite ingeniously said!


hi the speaker is bether then all


I agree with roots. All 4 are important for survival


they're all connected to each other so it would be nonsense to pick one of them only


they are equally important of course, if you know how to read without knowing how to speak, it's useless. Sorry for my errors if I made some.

Hadeel Hegazi

yeah, actually ther're all imprtant as well as each other..we need speaking for practising the language.Reading to know new vocabluray and so listening and writing .....


The question is "most" important, all is not most, I say speaking is correct, because it's "most"


They are equally important, but the listening skill is the fundamental language skill which provides us with our first introduction to language. Without it! Speaking is impossible.

Phyllis M. Thomas

They're all equally important.

Deanne Graf

Each skill is important for different reasons. Reading helps you learn new vocabulary and language structures. Listening helps you observe where your pronunciation may be incorrect as you listen to others. Writing forces you to use what you know and to pay attention to where your knowledge of the language is incomplete and speaking allows you to communicate all these things. It's hard to grade one skill above another but at tne end of the day, being unable to speak means you can't participate in that language and its users.

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