Poll: Which language skill do you find most difficult?

Which language skill do you find most difficult?

They're all equally difficult.

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I said writing, just because writing can always be better. Knowing that it is never perfect is troubling to me.


I choose writing, because especially for academic writing. It's really hard to write something without making fault. If you are speaking, you can speak something in your mind eventhough you make some mistakes, as long as your partner understand what you mean, that's okay! But in writing, if you make a mistake, your readers couldn't understand or misunderstand when they're reading your paper.

Wolfram Ehnert

I said "Listening" because while speaking you can choose from your own limited vocabulary, and you can talk as slow as you need to do. While listening, someone else decides about vocabulary and speed, and sometimes in a very noisy environment.


I choose to look at this site because I'm a super nerd.


I chose speaking because if you really want to improve it you need to travel abroad. You can improve your reading, listening , writing etc..but if you wan to speak correctly travel!


Hi I got a difficult whene I want writ english i can't so i need a helpp


I believe listening is the most difficult. in fact without comprehending what the others say you can`t communicate. so in prior to speaking you need to understand the others.

rida mauliana

for me, writing, especially for academic writing. i oftentimes make mistakes everywhere on my paper task. and i like listening, so challenging!


I said listening, and I mean understand. I think understand someone talking is the most difficult part of a language because you don't only have to know the words he's using but you have to be quite used to its sound to recognize they are using exactly that word.

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