Poll: Grammar is thought.

Grammar is thought.

I agree.
I disagree.

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I is not agree to this!. Me can thinking very good with grammar what is being bad; but no can have good grammar if I has bad thinking.


I think grammare is like mathematics lessons .


I think either one could have been used. This is so FFFUUUNNN!!!!!
CCYAAA later alligator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree to this..it's imposiible for us to memorize all the rules. The only logic there is say it out and listen to it, if it sounds good then it's correct, if it sounds awkward, there's something wrong.


i think grammer is not thought, it is learnt rather


I think grammar is learnt, but some people are naturally more attuned to certain structures (I always say I have a mind more suited to German, which I was quite good at, than French, which I hated), possibly due to a difference in 'thought-grammar'.


Seeing as none of you are writing proper sentences I have no way of knowing whether you are thinking credible thoughts. Everyone who commented on this sounds fucking retarded, and I take nothing you say seriously.


If you don't speak correctly how can I trust you to think correctly?


Up top, Spaceboy!

Kenny Turner

Grammar is structured thought. Style, composition and sentence diagramming are also good. I'm a software engineer writing a program that can talk and even teach and all of the aforementioned are making my life easy. :)

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