Poll: What is the plural of 'dwarf'?

What is the plural of 'dwarf'?

Either could be used.

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I prefer "dwarfs". That is the correct grammar! Tolkien enthusuasts prefer "dwarves"


i think that "dwarfves" is correct NOT dwarfs isis uncorrect english


really? we're going to listen to the comments of one who uses the term "uncorrect english"?


It is "Snow White and the seven DWARVES". But when referring to real life "little people" they prefer the word DWARFS.


No, it is 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. Tolkien used 'Dwarves' to differentiate his 'dwarf' race from the likes of snow White's companions.


Actually, the real plural is "dwarfs" but Tolkien, the Lord Of the Ring's writter use "dwarves" and precises that the historical plural is "dwarrows". But I think either could be used.


According to the New World Encyclopedia the correct historical plural is Dwarrow. In common language either dwarfs or dwarves is acceptable

Ste Passant

Dwarves does seem the more 'eloquent' form; Dwarfs seems clumsier somehow.
Has now got me wondering about Smurves now though. Surely a group of small blue people are Smurfs?

laina spradling

I think any one could work. They are both right so why sweat choosing the right answer


For those referencing Tolkein, here is his own definition taken from the Author's Note in The Hobbit:
"In English the only correct plural of dwarf is dwarfs, and the adjective is dwarfish. In this story dwarves and dwarvish are used, but only when speaking of the ancient people to whom Thorin Oakenshield and his companions belonged."


Embarrassed! I managed to misspell Tolkien!!!


Yes, an his colleague CS Lewis preferred "dwarfs"


I bet he did!


Dwarfs, of course. Roof becomes roofs, but hoof becomes hooves, you have to know these things.


It's dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs!


We are some dwarfs and we're digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole! For you yognauts out there

Mike Hatchard

I prefer 'Dwarves' simply because it looks right. Even if Facebook underlines in red (rather arrogantly in my opinion).

Irfan Aki Babar

I prefer Dwarfs.....It's correct....According to Wren & Martin book of Crammer.


There's a rule about it. Dwarfs or dwarves were both accurate. . . .

Muh'd sagir

Am i correct my answer about plural of dwarf, is dwarves

Muhd sagir

The correct answer is dwarves plural of dwarf.


Dwarfs is the correct way as it is said in the English dictionary but I prefer to say dwarves


Surely it's dwarves? We don't say thiefs. Or leafs. Or knifes. I was taught that with words that end in ef or fe in the singular, drop the f and become ves in the plural.


The plural of dwarf is Dwarrows. Seriously, no one knows this? (major fan of Tolkien and Old English Literature.)


I find this entire thing silly. Whether dwarfs is correct or not, it sounds like a jumble of consonants. I'm not any linguist or Lord of the Ring fan, but dwarves just sounds right. Also, it's common to hear people say dwarves, than dwarfs. And people allowed dumb words like "selfie" and "hashtag" to enter the dictionary, so in this argument, popular use rules the English language. At least, from what I've seen


Actually it is 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. Although people say that Dwarves is a Tolkien invention it seems odd to me that the plural of hoof is hooves, and yet the plural of dwarf is dwarfs? Tolkien I think wanted to give equality to the small folk by naming them Dwarves - as plural of elf + elves.. In any case, both uses are acceptable in English so perhaps its a case of personal preference.


Technically 'dwarfs' is correct. J.R.R. Tollkien's invention of 'dwarves' is useful for distinguishing the folk of myth from persons with dwarfism. Also: dwarrows.

Ruth Mattison

Coming from UK I was taught dwarves is the plural, like elves, knives, hooves. When I realised the Snow White title referred to them as Dwarfs I just thought it was an Americanism from Disney spelling things however they want, (color, tire, center) so I stick to my preferred pronunciation.

Ian B

For the astronomically minded, the generally accepted plural of "white dwarf" is "white dwarfs".


I prefer dwarves (as a tolkien lover), but the correct spelling is dwarfs (idk they should change it

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