Poll: Foreign students should not be taught English slang expressions.

Foreign students should not be taught English slang expressions.

I agree.
I disagree.

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  • Added: August 2003



why not??
I think to understand a culture and a language thoroughly one must lear the slang as well as the standard version of the language.


But they also have to learn how to use it. Misused slang can be an abomination. ;-)



It is, but it should be studied as seriously as any other area of English if you want to use it well. For the non-resident learner, it is very difficult because slang is ruled by social and conversational conventions.


Slang is the spice of language.


hello how are you My reserch work is in this topic thats why I am calling at you.
I would like to get information about slang expressions born in the college of the world


To: willbut..."Damn straight" or should I say "Right on".


Yeah...Why not? How can a foreign student relate with native speakers if they were not taught such expressions?


Sla ng english expression will give anature colour.


wha?....Slang is a major part of a language, people do not always use dictionary correct language, and as such without the knowledge, it would be pretty difficult to understand a lot of expressions used during conversation.

Gihan khaled

i disagree. because knowledge has to be available for everybody.

suraj kalangara

slang is a commonly used words on verious occasion by verious types of people . So with out learning slang nobody can understand/enjoy the meaning as well as beauty of a language. I strongly recomment for slang taught.

Tommy Zai

It would be irresponsible of a ESL teacher to NOT teach slang. Everyday native speakers use slang as much if not more than standard language. If you don't know slang . . . you cannot understand about half of what is going on. Like it or not . . . slang is here to stay. You gotta take the good with the bad! :-).

Jeff Solnick

Like hell they shouldn't, and why not? Plus, slang expressions in those cute accents just tickles me.

Miss Manners

Damn right, Jeff.


Larry Martino

Dtol: That's exactly the purpose of teaching slang in an ESL class. I can help them learn what NOT to say or how to use the slang. It's also good to warn them that someone is saying a racist or sexual remark. Larry

Jose Arteaga

As a second language learner I should learn everything about English.

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