Poll: There ____ tons of evidence to support this view

There ____ tons of evidence to support this view

Either could be used.



The correct response is "is" not "are". "Evidence" is the noun not "tons".


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houston is right. We say "There is lots of sugar in this" not "There ARE lots of sugar in this" ; )


I agree with the first comments. the veb has to be is it because evidence the main object of the sentece not tons

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Well, it still sounds correct to use are, because "tons" seems like the noun. Remove "of evidence" from the sentence and you see why it seems right to use "are". Could it be that the noun in this sentence is "tons of evidence", which would therefore make it plural and make "are" the correct word?


Are is teh correct answer because the noun is in plural "tons"


If we change the sentence to the following which answer is correct?

There is / are a great deal of evidence to support this view.

I would think everyone would agree that "is" is the correct choice. This should prove that "tons of" is functioning as a modifier and is, therefore, not the object and can safely be ignored when choosing the correct verb.


"Evidence" is uncountable, isn't it?


Isn't "evidence" uncountable?


I think 'is' should be used for singular, while 'are' for plural as in this case.


Yes, but many native speakers use the singular in cases like this.

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