Poll: You ____ use the relative pronoun 'who' to refer to a company.

You ____ use the relative pronoun 'who' to refer to a company.


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Adolph Pang

A company may refer to a group of people. Therefore, 'who' can be used to refer to a company.


Well, when you say who, it seems like you're talking about people specifically. A company is made of a people, but it's sort of like a thing by itself. I think it's fine to say "who", but I've used both ways

Ruvelyn Ta-aca

I think the relative pronoun 'who' is applicable.Try to look this sentence: The NDDU company is the one who propose these things..please check this out.

Duncan Connor

A company is a single entity by itself, and therefore should be referred to as an "it." If you can't call something him or her, it's an it.
The previous commenter's sentence was sloppy beyond measure. "It is the NDDU company that proposed these things."
If you are talking about a legal business entity (rather than a company of people) use "it."

Martin de Andrade

As I see it, "who" can be used to refer to a company, especially when that company is comprised of a relatively small number of workers. I wouldn't use it to refer to Coca Cola or GMC. I'd use "that" or, after a comma, "which".


Who do you work for? is a legitimate question when we want to find out the name of the company someone works for.
Hence 'who' can be referred to a company.

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