Poll: What is the plural of 'mango'?

What is the plural of 'mango'?

Either could be used.



I like this fruit...! it's delicious and it's from my country, El Salvador


is very easy


If the plural of tomato is tomatoes and the plural of potato is potatoes, doesn't it stand to reason the plural of mango is mangoes?


To make a noun plural that ends in "o," the rule is to add only 's' if there is a vowel before the o. If there is a consonant before the o, then you add 'es.' So, the correct plural of mango is mangoes.


I think "mangoes" is the right answer .


Mangos look better than mangoes

Ken Schneider

Like mosquitoes, but I agree that "mangos" looks right, so I'm sticking with it.


This a very tricky question but I believe it is mangoes not mangos and majority rules!


The preferred plural form is mangoes. I am American and I thought it was mangos, but even in this comment--auto-correction's red line appears.


Mangoes sounds like 'man goes'....

Mango Lover


Haro Kagemoto

No, Georgette. Common usage in the Oxford, Webster and American Heritage dictionaries allow for both, mangoes and mangos. There's no reason to force a narrow belief onto others. The plural of tangelo is tangelos. The plural of pummelo is pummelos.

ara b

avocados not avocadoes
mangos not mangoes


First of all everyone is using an English dictionary and referring to the rules of the English language , yet I believe that the word "mango" is not even derived from the english language in the first place. Realizing that, you should refer to the proper dictionary. I do believe that the spanish do not use the "e".

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