Poll: No text is free of other texts.- Ferdinand de Saussure

No text is free of other texts.- Ferdinand de Saussure

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Language cannot exist in a vacuum, so I think he's right.


I believe Saussure was advocating that there are no novel ideas in the world; That is, a new idea is not only based within a old idea, and so on, but that even the language used to communicate new ideas is 'not free'.


As language is a continuum, there are always going to be connections, aren't there?


So nothing can be truly revolutionary?


As pessimistic as it may sound, we are living in a plagiarised world.



Isn't the revolutionary, by definition, reacting against something. Therefore, the revolutionary text, while advocating a break with the past, is far from free of it.

said madhoun

That's fantastic


Thoughts of each man have some sort of link to that of others. One cannot escape from this phenomenon when one express any thing.

Sena Jonathan

language forms a continuum, so that there is a sequence of relatedness all through texts, it's why i agree with Saussure.

Ben Curtis

Well, I don't know whether I disagree or not, as I haven't a bloody clue what he's saying (or even what he's trying to say).


It makes sense to me,since words are thoughts materialization So everything is correlated

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