Quiz: Identifying Conditionals

Topic: Conditionals

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - If I drink tea in the morning, it makes me feel sick.

Q2 - I'll tell her if she comes.

Q3 - I'd have helped had I been there.

Q4 - If he's there, could you tell him that I really need to speak to him.

Q5 - If I were you, I'd buy it as soon as possible.

Q6 - If I had the time, I'd help you.

Q7 - I would have handled things differently if I'd been in charge.

Q8 - Water boils if you heat it to a hundred degrees celsius.

Q9 - If she'd tried harder, she might have succeeded.

Q10 - If you work hard enough, you may well pass.

Q11 - If we fail, who will be held responsible?

Q12 - If she went, she could report back to us all.

Q13 - If he'd studied at a good college, he might have got a better grade.

Q14 - If you ever need help, just ask me.

Q15 - I would be surprised if it rained.

Q16 - If anyone complains, we deal with it immediately.

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